Book look: Kopfball & Kitty Kino

A German television programme is celebrating its 25th anniversary by releasing a remarkable book. “Kopfball” – the German term for a header in football – started SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAexplaining scientific phenomena 25 years ago. In 2006, the WDR programme began focusing on viewers’ questions to get even closer to solving everyday problems. However, “Kopfball” fans have also asked the journalists to clarify myths and thrash rumours they came across. The new book – out now by publisher Riva – is, as the TV programme – infotainment at its best. On 250 pages, extraordinary situations such as being trapped on a defunct skiing chairlift are under investigation as well as the remarkable capabilities of various animals. Furthermore, the “Kopfball” editors analyse the human body – and reveal whether fairy tale claims are true.

Warum gehen Seifenblasen im Regen nicht kaputt?
By Mareike Fallwickl-Glavnik and Ingo Knopf
Published by Riva (

A Viennese filmmaker has discovered the positive aspects of the malfunctions and weak technical features of her mobile to create art. Kitty Kino, a director and author S4022544(“Lara und die Insider”) started taking pictures with her old Nokia mobile in 2007. Being disappointed with the quality of the images taken at daytime, she gave it a try at night – and was fascinated by the Nokia gadget’s blurred, almost mysterious shots. Now a picture book has been published, containing more than 100 photos created that way. The images show – or rather indicate – City Hall, the new DC Tower, the imperial gardens at Schönbrunn and many other sights and popular meeting places in Vienna. The artist explained that she loved her old cellphone – despite its small storage and modest battery power. An edition consisting of 1,000 books signed by the artist is out now by Edition Lammerhuber.

Kitty Kino Vienna
By Kitty Kino
Published by Edition Lammerhuber (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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