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125 years are quite a remarkable period in the fast-paced entertainment industry. A Viennese theatre has now taken a highly unusual approach to celebrating its anniversary. vthThe Volkstheater asked artists, writers, politicians and fans for their contributions. Actors like Andrea Eckert, Marcello de Nardo and Erni Mangold but also author Josef Haslinger and late parliament president Barbara Prammer designed one page of the new book “Was soll das Volk im Theater? 125 Antworten aus 125 Jahren Volkshtheater”. Their acknowledgements and personal thoughts reflect the institution’s unabated influence. Old documents and an overview on the theatre’s 2014/2015 anniversary season company are featured as well. Overall, “Was soll das Volk im Theater?” is an immensely multifaceted demonstration of the importance of high-class stage art in the 21st century.

Was soll das Volk im Theater?
By Carsten Fastner and Julia Lautner
Published by Christian Brandstätter Verlag (

It seems as if television series managed to surpass movies in various ways these days. Actors starring in series are not automatically b-list celebs anymore. While series used to be SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAregarded as nothing but a welcome career steppingstone for ambitious young actors aiming for Hollywood fame, high-quality productions for TV are nowadays the goal of actors around the world. A new book lists 66 of the most legendary series. Iconic productions like “Dallas” are included as well as the popular series of the 1990s such as “Baywatch”, “Emergency Room” and “Beverly Hills 90210”. For “Das ist legendär. Die 66 besten TV-Serien”, TV experts Valerie Höhne and Oliver Hüttmann researched regarding actors, directors and scriptwriters. They list memorable statements and fun facts about “Lost”, “The X-Files” and many other productions of various genres from the US, England, Germany and other countries which are as popular as ever.

Das ist legendär. Die 66 besten TV-Serien
By Valerie Höhne and Oliver Hüttmann
Published by Knaur (

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