Book look: Fukushima & football photography

Almost four years have passed since the nuclear power plant of Fukushima was seriously damaged due to massive SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAwaves caused by an immense earthquake. An Austrian journalist wanted to find out what the disaster meant to the people living nearby. She travelled to Japan to speak with inhabitants of the region of which wide areas could remain uninhabitable for decades. Judith Brandner – who has been producing acclaimed Ö1 Radiokolleg reports on science, history and music for many years – carefully created 13 very personal portraits. Many of those who were forced to leave their homes after the occurrences of 11 March 2011 are desperate and sad. However, Brandner and photographer Katsuhiro Ichikawa also discovered lots of determination and self-confidence as several of those affected refuse to let the natural and nuclear tragedy get them down.

Zuhause in Fukushima. Das Leben danach: Portraits
By Judith Brandner
Published by Kremayr & Scheriau (

A Dutch photographer has travelled across Europe to demonstrate what football really is about. He took pictures of amateur league matches in France, Belgium, Portugal and other S4022594mercountries. His photos (“Spielfeld Europa. Landschaften der Fußball-Amateure” – European Fields: The Landscape of Lower League Football) are more than just action shots as they rather focus on the surroundings. While the teams fight for the victory, residents go for a walk or do some gardening in the backyard. In his foreword, Hans van der Meer underlined the similarities and immense contrasts. Both Champions League stars and regional competition players wave to the audience, regardless whether tens of thousands or “two men and a dog” turned up. His images seem wonderfully peaceful – despite the frantic fight for the ball, a thrilling penalty shootout or a brawl among players. The lovely details, from the poor conditions on the brownish pitches to the idyllic landscapes, make clear that this sport is more than the chase for glory – nevertheless, many of the players on van der Meer’s photos have probably not yet given up the dream of their breakthrough.

Spielfeld Europa. Landschaften der Fußball-Amateure
By Hans van der Meer
Published by Steidl (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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