Book look: Glavinic and the Golden Apple

Thomas Glavinic has revealed he suffers from stage fright. The Viennese literature star – whose new book “Meine Schreibmaschine und ich” is out now – SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAtold Rolling Stone magazine about a reading attended by 1.600 fans: “As an author, you’re not used to such a number of people. I’ve never been that nervous before.” Glavinic – whose first novel “Carl Haffners Liebe zum Unentschieden” was released in 1998 – also admitted being lazy now and then. “I like what I’m doing, but sometimes I really have to force myself to write something.” Speaking about the effect his books have on his state of mind, the Rapid Vienna supporter told the magazine: “’Das größere Wunder’ has quite a positive vibe. It’s an ‘affirmative’ book. ‘Die Arbeit der Nacht’ feels sinister and therefore negatively affected my mood.” Asked why he is also writing columns, the award-winning novelist said: “I do so for pecuniary reasons. Because I can’t handle money. This enforces me to earn as much as possible as I’d spend it on useless stuff.”

Meine Schreibmaschine und ich
By Thomas Glavinic
Published by Hanser (

An Austrian author has reinvestigated the history of orient and occident in times of worsening cultural conflicts. Georg Mayrhofer, who co-wrote a book about Prince Eugene of SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASavoy in 2013 (“Prinz Eugen. Heros und Neurose”, with Konrad Kramar), reveals the surprisingly large number of aspects which link these counterparts. Unlike many other writers, Mayrhofer did not focus on the differences between the orient and Western Europe. In four chapters, he recounts the history of cultures and religions to show how many successful partnerships have existed recently and in the past centuries. “Die Reise zum Goldenen Apfel explains conflicts regarding religious symbols like the crucifix and various sociological disputes. The book also informs about fruitful alliances between political and religious leaders.

Die Reise zum Goldenen Apfel
By Georg Mayrhofer
Published by Residenz Verlag (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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