Book look: Salomon and sports

A Viennese writer has created a very special guide, taking visitors of his hometown away from the well-trodden paths. Wolfgang Salomon – who made a name for himself SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAwith his Venice and Trieste guides – has also written about Vienna. “Wien abseits der Pfade, Band 1” portrays extraordinary inhabitants as well as cultural institutions which may not be mentioned in the mainstream tourist guides. Salomon tells from Fiaker horse carriages’ ways from the stables on the outskirts to the city centre. He reveals secrets of the city’s biggest public swimming pool and its cemeteries.

Wien abseits der Pfade, Band 1
By Wolfgang Salomon
Published by Braumüller (

A new type of sports encyclopaedia has been released as two German journalists decided to take a fresh approach on the comprehensive subject. Jürgen Schmieder (“Du sollst nicht SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAlügen!”) and Johannes Aumüller partnered up to create a broad overview on more than 100 sports. They did not just concentrate on the different sports’ biggest stars and important statistics. Schmieder and Aumüller also researched significant films, songs and computer games. This strategy turns their new publication into a highly entertaining book. The Süddeutsche Zeitung writers explain sports from American Football to wrestling. They offer lots of information and rankings concerning tennis and skiing, but also inform about cricket, curling and canoeing.

Sport. Das Buch
By Jürgen Schmieder and Johannes Aumüller
Published by C. Bertelsmann (

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