Book look: Canaletto & cartoons

The most significant works by Bernardo Bellotto are now collected in a superb picture book. “Canaletto. Bernardo Bellotto malt Europa” cahas been released in connection with an acclaimed exhibition at the Alte Pinakothek gallery in Munich. The book – edited by exhibit curator Andreas Schumacher, Julia Thoma and Theresa Wagner – offers a very precise overview on the famous Italian artist’s oeuvre. Canaletto, as he was called, focused on depictions of picturesque city squares from Venice to Dresden and Vienna. However, his creative output is even more multi-faceted, as this new Hirmer publication reveals. The book – which is out in German and English – also features several etchings and rich information on the painter’s background, his inspirations and intentions.

Canaletto. Bernardo Bellotto malt Europa
By Andreas Schumacher, Julia Thoma and Theresa Wagner
Published by Hirmer (

Does anyone remember the days when a vegan lifestyle was considered as unusual, strange or even scandalous? Vegetarian nutrition and vegan diets are SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAanything but extraordinary nowadays as an increasing number of people are questioning their eating habits. Books, apps and television shows dealing with the matter are immensely popular. Even a vegan ball took place in Vienna-Donaustadt in February. Now even cartoons are going vegan, as a new book shows. “Vegane Cartoons” published by Holzbaum features funny drawings by cartoonists from Germany and Austria like Til Mette, Lisa Semrad and Oliver Ottitsch. It is interesting to discover the different graphic styles and senses of humour the artists are working with. On 65 pages, a rich variety of topics is covered while vegan food acts as the leading subject.

Vegane Cartoons
By Clemens Ettenauer and Johanna Bergmayr
Published by Holzbaum (

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