Book look: animals & architecture

Mass consumption, low-quality meat products and disastrous conditions at big slaughtering businesses – the pressure on the industry is increasing as more and more people are adopting a healthy lifestyle. Television documentaries, newspaper articles and books keep informing us about the scandals of the food industry and reveal the problems caused by unclear regulations regarding organic products labelling and quality management. Hilal Sezgin’s new book offers a panorama view on the manifold aspects of the coexistence of mankind and animals. She presents positive examples and difficulties. Sezgin writes about attempts to protect animals and portrays the life of all kinds of animals. The seasons structure her book. While Sezgin – a freelance writer whose articles have been published by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Zeit and other papers – contributes the texts for “Hilal Sezgins Tierleben”, Rotraut Susanne Berner is in charge of the book’s illustrations.

Hilal Sezgins Tierleben. Von Schweinen und anderen Zeitgenossen
By Hilal Sezgin and Rotraut Susanne Berner
Published by C.H. Beck (

Vienna is booming in various regards – rising population figures, a constantly high number of tourists, the organisation of big cultural events like the Eurovision Song Contest. wienFurthermore, the city is ranked among the top locations in several quality of living studies. However, the number of problems politicians and inhabitants will have to face is increasing as well. Heavy traffic keeps straining the Austrian capital city’s infrastructure. Complex architectural challenges are evident as well. Now an experienced photographer has documented the status quo and recent developments. Margret Wenzel-Jelinek’s pictures reveal the changes Vienna’s roads and buildings have gone through recently. “Wien wertvoll” also informs about ambitious projects such as the construction of Austria’s highest building, the 250-metre DC Tower skyscraper. Renowned experts on traffic, environment and architecture such as Hermann Knoflacher, Helga Kromp-Kolb and Gustav Peichl analyse the current difficulties and offer and outlook on future developments.

Wien wertvoll
By Margret Wenzel-Jelinek
Published by Styria Premium (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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