Book look: Russia & real-life risks

There are difficult times for dialogue between East and West. As political leaders are implementing trade sanctions and intensify military presence to demonstrate strength, people in Western Europe may wonder what Russians think. What are their dreams and hopes? How is life in Eastern cities of Vladivostok and Magadan? Which struggles and challenges are virulent in Irkutsk in southern Russia? Two freelance journalists teamed up with two photographers to create a realistic and lively portrait of 43 Russians. Meet an extraordinary fashion designer, the owner of a modest restaurant, a pensioner and an ambitious entrepreneur. The articles by Jessica Schober and Wlada Kolosowa are working perfectly with the bright and intense photos taken by Olga Matweewa and Evgeny Makarov.

Russland. Menschen und Orte in einem fast unbekannten Land
By J. Schober, W. Kolosowa, O. Matweewa, E. Makarov & Heino Wiese
Published by Corso (

Life is dangerous, that’s for sure! But there are various underestimated threats while other aspects are not considered as dangerous by many. A new book reveals the biggest dangers of being alive. “Warum Kugelschreiber tödlicher sind als Blitze” is also a precise urban myths check. Cord Balthasar and Thorsten Wiese examined the risks of ferry trips and flights. They also present surprising sports injury statistics and a top 10 list of the most dangerous cars in the world. Another chapter deals with risks at the workplace – from dangerous professions like soldier, roofer and police officer to rather unspectacular sectors (bookkeeping, pharmacy). “Warum Kugelschreiber tödlicher sind als Blitze” is entertaining and informative. Take it easy – but don’t try this at home!

Warum Kugelschreiber tödlicher sind als Blitze
By Cord Balthasar and Thorsten Wiese
Published by Riva (

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