Book look: Austrian literature & an American legend

An Austrian publishing company’s 99 questions series continues as an expert investigates crucial issues concerning the country’s writers and their releases. In “99 Fragen zur österreichischen Literatur”, now out by Ueberreuter, Winfried Kriegleder explains various complex regards. The literary studies lecturer reveals Nikolaus Lenau’s nationality, the influence of Maria Theresa on literature in her empire and he explains the special role of Franz Grillparzer. Furthermore, Kriegleder examines the situation of domestic literature during the Cold War and portrays Austria’s infamous literature legends, Thomas Bernhard and Peter Handke.

99 Fragen zur österreichischen Literatur
By Wynfrid Kriegleder
Published by Ueberreuter (

A spectacular picture book dedicated to the American bison has now been published as the photographs are also drawing the crowds at an Austrian museum. Heidi Koch & Hans-Jürgen Koch travelled to the United States to document the impressive animals in the Great Plains. Once almost exterminated, experts are trying to increase their numbers today. The Koch couple’s picture book “Buffalo Ballad. On the Trail of an American Icon” features breathtaking panorama views on the unique landscapes and bison herds. However, the Edition Lammerhuber release also impresses with beautiful detail images. An exhibition featuring a selection of the “Buffalo Ballad” photographs by Heidi Koch & Hans-Jürgen Koch is currently on display at the Naturhistorisches Museum (Museum of Natural History, Vienna. It is not the first major exhibition of photos by the duo. Heidi Koch & Hans-Jürgen Koch started working as photographers more than 25 years ago. Exhibits took place in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Kiev and several German cities.

Buffalo Ballad. On the Trail of an American Icon
By Heidi Koch & Hans-Jürgen Koch
Published by Edition Lammerhuber (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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