Book look: Werder & words

The past few years must have felt like a rollercoaster ride to Werder Bremen fans – from one of the strongest teams in Germany to almost being relegated. Supporters of the club had to experience similar scenarios ever since the team competed in the Bundesliga. Werder won four league titles, most recently in 2004. Last season, they managed to avoid relegation. It seems as the tradition-rich club is no longer part of Germany’s soccer elite. Now Ben Redelings’ new book could bring some relief to Werder fans. The sports author collected memorable statements by players and amusing quotes by the team’s legendary manager Otto Rehhagel. Brilliant players played for Werder over the years – the midfield geniuses Mario Basler and Andreas Herzog as well as top striker like Rudi Völler and Miroslav. Their best statements and many funny photographs can be found in “Ben Redelings’ Werder-Album”. The book also features odd newspaper headlines concerning Ailton’s weight, Thorsten Legat’s stamina and other topics. If the upcoming season means many disappointments for Werder supporters, this book about the good old days will lift their mood.

Ben Redelings’ Werder-Album
By Ben Redelings
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (

Communication and language are excellent examples to demonstrate the immense pace of developments in our society. Thousands of terms have simply gone “out of order”. They are hardly used before becoming forgotten entirely. Technology advances while beloved traditions stop being relevant? It seems so, one may argue, before checking his Twitter profile for the latest news. Devices and appliances get replaced by others. Progress matters, no time to waste. These developments also affect our vocabulary. “Muckefunk & Sendeschluss. Wörter außer Betrieb” by Nikolai Kinast – now out by leading language subjects publishing house Langenscheidt – features dozens of words younger generations are probably not familiar with. Kinast’s collection is a lovely kaleidoscope packed with nostalgia and that “good old days” feeling. Discover the meaning of Kokolores, Ratzefummel and Sperenzchen!

Muckefunk & Sendeschluss. Wörter außer Betrieb
By Nikolai Kinast
Published by Langenscheidt (

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