Book look: Postillon & Pferdeleberkäse

A popular satirical platform has presented a publication packed with funny fake news. “Der Postillon. Das Beste aus über 160 Jahren” features political and business reports as well as science and society information. The release was created by the editors of online magazine Der Postillon. As reality is getting increasingly harder to believe, some made-up news is endorsed, as the rising popularity of Der Postillon – which went online in 2008 – and competitors like Titanic shows. “Der Postillon. Das Beste aus über 160 Jahren” informs about Mark Zuckerberg’s toothpaste acquisition, the latest Elbphilharmonie scandal developments and incredible news about Cologne Cathedral.

Der Postillon. Das Beste aus über 160 Jahren
Published by Riva (

Austrofred has been busy. In the past few years, he has not only released an autobiographic book, his correspondence with fellow genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a novel called “Hard On!”. The Vienna-based entertainer has also been interviewed a lot. There have been lectures, readings and shows as well as contributions for different magazines. The finest of his creative output on these occasions has now been compiled to a new book called “Pferdeleberkäse”. The artist describes his latest publication as nothing less than the best Austrofred book ever. Fans won’t disagree as it is packed with witty wisdom and cheeky claims beloved by so many over the years. Austrofred – who is much more than just another Freddie Mercury impersonator – does not shy away from controversial topics. The “Giving Gas” star writes about other celebrities, contemporary art and the difficult relationship between his home country and neighbouring Bavaria.

By Austrofred (
Published by Czernin (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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