Book look: Hofburg & Hamburg

A new photographic history book reveals surprises and secrets of the Viennese Hofburg. Located in the heart of the capital, the palace has been in the centre of crucial developments in the history of Austria – from the Habsburg era to the annexation of Austria in 1938. Since 1945, the building features the presidential office. “Die Wiener Hofburg. Die unbekannten Seiten der Kaiserresidenz” by Bernhard A. Macek and Renate Holzschuh-Hofer reviews the history of state visits – from Queen Elizabeth in 1969 to the Slovakian President in 2014. Furthermore, hundreds of photos document many of the 2,600 rooms but also the different museums which are located at the Hofburg – from the Sisi Museum to the National Library. The Lipizzaner stables are famous – but did you know that the Hofburg has its own fire department? Beautiful photographs, anecdotes and historically relevant facts turn this book into a substantial guide to understanding the history of the building, Vienna and Austria.

Die Wiener Hofburg. Die unbekannten Seiten der Kaiserresidenz
By Bernhard A. Macek and Renate Holzschuh-Hofer
Published by Sutton (

Hamburg – cool and open-minded city in northern Germany. Artistic hotspot. Melting pot of multicultural influences. Hamburg’s image has always been highly positive. Increasingly popular among tourists, the city has also developed a magnetic effect on young people from the countryside starting studies or work. Rising rents and a lack of available flats are the worrying consequences. However, the good aspects of globalisation still seem to dominate. Now Gmeiner published a book featuring more than 30 portraits of famous and not so famous Hamburg residents. For “Stadtgespräche aus Hamburg”, Berliner Morgenpost journalist Nina Paulsen ( interviewed managers of unusual pubs and restaurants as well as artists, bankers, hotel bosses and charity workers. The collection of texts underlines the great variety of cultures and lifestyles in the booming hotspot in the cool north. “Stadtgespräche aus Hamburg” is part of a series of special city portraits which also features “Stadtgespräche aus Wien” by Clara Hein. For her book about Viennese personalities, Hein spoke with Wienerlied singer-songwriter Roland Neuwirth, actor Josef Hader and many other residents of the Austrian capital.

Stadtgespräche aus Hamburg
By Nina Paulsen
Published by Gmeiner (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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