Book look: Köhlmeier & the king

Michael Köhlmeier has revealed being cautious regarding research. Speaking to, the renowned author (“Madalyn”) explained that he let the characters of his books shaping the content. Asked whether natural elements mattered a lot for his creative process, Köhlmeier said: “The weather is highly important in many regards as I’m sensitive to changes in the weather myself. Few things have a stronger impact on myself than the weather.” Köhlmeier, 67, is best known for his celebrated novel “Abendland”, a monumental family story released in 2007. The Vorarlberg-born author – who lives in his home province in western Austria and Vienna – has never shied away from political engagement. Over the years, he took part in television debates or hosted them himself. Köhlmeier also writes guest commentaries for different newspapers and magazines. His most recent novel “Zwei Herren am Strand” has been published by Hanser as many of his most important previous releases.

Zwei Herren am Strand
By Michael Köhlmeier
Published by Hanser (

A new book offers revealing insights on the Habsburg monarchy from the revolution in 1848 until its decline. “Franz Joseph I. Kaiser von Österreich und König von Ungarn, 1830-1916”, now out by C.H. Beck, portrays Austrian-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I., arguably one of the most iconic faces of the legendary dynasty. In 13 chapters, Michaela and Karl Vocelka describe the emperor’s upbringing and early influences, his most crucial decisions in war and peace as well as personal aspects – from affairs to his relationship with various family members. “Franz Joseph I. Kaiser von Österreich und König von Ungarn, 1830-1916” is released to mark the 100th anniversary of the monarch’s death. Kaiser Franz Joseph I. passed away in November 1916, years after the deaths of Empress Elizabeth and the archdukes Rudolf and Franz Ferdinand. By considering dozens of previous publications and different scientific researches on the Habsburg regime and his charismatic leader, the authors created an exciting and vivid portrait. Their book can be regarded as an invitation to find out what lies under the surface blurred by contemporary economic aspects as cups, postcards and other souvenirs featuring Franz Joseph’s portrait are in great demand in Vienna, Salzburg and other touristic hotspots.

Franz Joseph I. Kaiser von Österreich und König von Ungarn, 1830-1916
By Michaela Vocelka and Karl Vocelka
Published by C.H. Beck (

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Book look: 1989 & 2016

The peaceful revolution which led to the reunification of Germany is arguably the most important historical development since World War Two. Now a team of renowned journalist recount the decisive events of 1989 and 1990. Their texts can be found in “Acht Tage, die die Welt veränderten”, now out by DVA. Spiegel reporters Alfred Weinzierl and Klaus Wiegrefe headed the project while Jürgen Leinemann, Peter Wensierski and eight others contributed articles. “Acht Tage, die die Welt veränderten” analyses the impact of manipulated election results on the people in the former GDR. It also describes the increasing popularity of opposition movements in the socialist country. People in Leipzig and other cities took to the streets to call for change. Eventually Germany was one after decades of separation. Apart from brilliant texts recapturing the atmosphere in East Germany 25 years ago, the DVA release also features interviews with Condoleezza Rice, Timothy Garton Ash and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Acht Tage, die die Welt veränderten. Die Revolution in Deutschland 1989/90
By Alfred Weinzierl, Klaus Wiegrefe, Stefan Berg and others
Published by DVA (

Marathon strategy tips, clarification regarding long-distance running rumours and sports proverbs – Achim Achilles’ new calendar has got it all. “Der Achilles Laufkalender 2016” – now out by Heyne – has the potential to become every ambitious leisure-time athlete’s loyal companion in 2016. The pocket-sized publication features structured blank space for keeping a training diary, including covered distance, pace and mood. Throughout the months, its owner gets entertained by funny sports-related statements and motivation slogans. Furthermore, there is information regarding running competitions across Europe. At the end, the calendar contains a certificate for the Runner of the Year!

Der Achilles Laufkalender 2016
By Achim Achilles
Published by Heyne (

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Book look: Steffny & Sinatra

A leading Marathon expert’s book has been republished to meet public demand. As the long-distance running hype continues, Südwest Verlag presents a new edition of Herbert Steffny’s “Das große Laufbuch”. The book is a reliable guide to a healthier lifestyle thanks to a moderate running programme. However, the 400-page publication also features precise training advice for ambitioned hobby athletes interested in competing in a Marathon. Steffny, a former Olympic Games participant, informs about the origins of long-distance running and reveals why African athletes perform so well in international championships. Furthermore, the former coach of ex-German Foreign Affairs Minister Joschka Fischer explains his nutrition concept. Steffny also writes about the perfect equipment and presents effective stretching exercises. Because of its comprehensive information and great range of topics, “Das große Laufbuch” is an enduring success story.

Das große Laufbuch
By Herbert Steffny
Published by Südwest (

The life, songs and films of Frank Sinatra is celebrated in a new book. “Frank Sinatra und seine Zeit” by former ORF news boss Johannes Kunz does not describe the incredible career Sinatra, a son of Italian immigrants, had. It also analyses changes in the show business throughout the decade – from the rise, demise and resurrection of Hollywood to the record industry evolution. On 270 pages, Kunz writes about the Rat Pack legend’s remarkable performances in movies of different genres (“From Here to Eternity”, “The Man with the Golden Arm”), his real-life role as a womanizer and his difficulties with the press. Photographs featured in the book show him with Count Basie, Quincy Jones and John F. Kennedy. Born in New Jersey in 1915, Sinatra became the greatest entertainer of the century. The road he had to take was long and rocky, but he did it – “my way”…

Frank Sinatra und seine Zeit
By Johannes Kunz
Published by LangenMüller (

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Smile with Sagmeister

A renowned designer confronts his audience with essential questions in a new exhibition at the MAK Vienna.

“The Happy Show” by Stefan Sagmeister features graphics, video installations and various artworks created by the artist who was born in Vorarlberg, western Austria. In many different ways, visitors are animated to state their own opinion or just reflect on difficulties we have to deal with in the 21st century.

This exhibition takes Sagmeister’s art to another level. Works by the New York-based artist – who earned recognition by designing album covers for the Rolling Stones and Lou Reed – were on display at the MAK, Vienna’s Museum for Applied Arts (Museum für angewandte Kunst), already in 2002. With claims regarding the “ideal” salary and statements like “Keeping a diary supports personal development”, “The Happy Show” is a great platform for reflections and debate.


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Book look: Ottitsch & OK DJ

A young Austrian cartoonist has released his first book in English. “Gay Nazi Dolphins at a Gang Bang” features around 50 drawings, many of them highly controversial. Oliver Ottitsch, 33, does not shy away from topics such as terrorism, poverty and sickness. His caricatures are straight-forward and relentless. “Gay Nazi Dolphins at a Gang Bang” follows various contributions to Holzbaum Verlag publications featuring different cartoonists from Austria, Germany and other countries. Over the years, Ottitsch’s caricatures have been released by several renowned magazines. “Gay Nazi Dolphins at a Gang Bang” will definitively spur his career.

Gay Nazi Dolphins at a Gang Bang
By Oliver Ottitsch
Published by Holzbaum (

Controversy is Daniel Josefsohn’s favourite playground. His art’s main subjects are sex, spontaneity and pornographic allusions. The Berlin-based snapper’s photographs often seem to be built on confusion. Nothing seems certain on his images. Josefsohn is a master of creating uncertainty among beholders. Public places and shabby rooms are common sceneries of his photos. Celebrities like Udo Kier, Monica Lewinsky and the Klitschko are featured too, often in rather awkward situations. Furthermore, Hatje Cantz recently released “Horizons”, a picture book of around 100 landscape photos by Sze Tsung Leong. The British-American artist travelled around the world to portray cities like Rome and Astana by taking wide angle photographs. Another acclaimed Hatje Cantz publication informs about the development of Vienna’s Ringstraße boulevard. Edited by Alfred Fogarassy, renowned experts contributed articles while Nora Schoeller took fantastic photographs along the road and in some of the Ringstraße’s most spectacular palaces.

By Daniel Josefsohn
Published by Hatje Cantz (

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Book look: Grünke & the ‘Galgenvogel’

Paintings, parties, price hikes. A German manager of art projects has released a book on the crazy developments in the world of art. Nicholas Grünke’s publication “Ohne Titel” takes readers into the backrooms of the infamous circles of collectors, gallery managers and painters. On 300 pages, the 37-year-old – who previously wrote a book about his experiences as a building site worker – does not hold back juicy details as the trade with art is getting increasingly hyped. Grünke portrays a cosmos dominated by clashes between true lovers of artistic creations and those who are just focused on increase in value. Everyone interested in art itself but also the recent developments in the business will read “Ohne Titel” with great interest.

Ohne Titel. Meine verrückten Jahre zwischen Künstlern, Galeristen und Sammlern
By Nicholas Grünke
Published by Rowohlt (

A young writer has created a funny collection of animal cartoons. In her new book, Theres Denzinger focuses on puns. “Das Lexikon der Untiere” proves to be a pleasure for German native speakers and everyone with a solid knowledge of the language. The Holzbaum publication features illustrations of the Galgenvogel, an Ohrwurm and Mr Adler Horst. For more information on the author, visit Meanwhile, Holzbaum also released “Das große Cartoonsutra”, a selection of brilliant sex-themed caricatures. The Cartoonsutra reveals what occupies Tom Jones after a concert. It also suggests creative ways of how to use kitchen equipment. Don’t try this at home!

Das Lexikon der Untiere
By Theres Denzinger
Published by Holzbaum (

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Book look: French recipes & Viennese music

Improving one’s language skills, practising French grammar and finding out more about francophone culture and customs – not a bad way to start into the new year, is it? This is exactly what Langenscheidt’s new Sprachkalender Französisch is offering. Exercises on different levels, delicious recipes and lots of touristic information – a perfect mix for everyone learning French and all those who enjoy le savoir-vivre! The new “Langenscheidt Sprachkalender 2016 Französisch” also features facts about various France-related topics but also jokes in French and translations in German. Furthermore, the publishing house created additional online content.

Langenscheidt Sprachkalender 2016 Französisch
By Volker Eidems, Christine Zurmeyer and others
Published by Langenscheidt (

Small bits of fascinating facts about Viennese musicians from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Wolfgang Ambros and their symphonies and songs have been collected and composed for a new book. “Unnützes WienWissen Musik” reveals why Gustav Mahler hated honey and which intentions lie within the lyrics of Falco and Alf Poier. The pocket-sized book – which is preceded by “Unnützes WienWissen” and “Unnützes WienWissen 2”, both published by Holzbaum – also informs about songs dealing with death written by Vienna-based artists. Who co-organised a beat boxing world championship as a teenager? Why did the term “sauerkraut” become a secret code for jazz fans during the Nazi regime? And who released “13 dirty songs”? Get “Unnützes WienWissen Musik” to find out!

Unnützes WienWissen Musik
By the team
Published by Holzbaum (

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