Book look: French recipes & Viennese music

Improving one’s language skills, practising French grammar and finding out more about francophone culture and customs – not a bad way to start into the new year, is it? This is exactly what Langenscheidt’s new Sprachkalender Französisch is offering. Exercises on different levels, delicious recipes and lots of touristic information – a perfect mix for everyone learning French and all those who enjoy le savoir-vivre! The new “Langenscheidt Sprachkalender 2016 Französisch” also features facts about various France-related topics but also jokes in French and translations in German. Furthermore, the publishing house created additional online content.

Langenscheidt Sprachkalender 2016 Französisch
By Volker Eidems, Christine Zurmeyer and others
Published by Langenscheidt (

Small bits of fascinating facts about Viennese musicians from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Wolfgang Ambros and their symphonies and songs have been collected and composed for a new book. “Unnützes WienWissen Musik” reveals why Gustav Mahler hated honey and which intentions lie within the lyrics of Falco and Alf Poier. The pocket-sized book – which is preceded by “Unnützes WienWissen” and “Unnützes WienWissen 2”, both published by Holzbaum – also informs about songs dealing with death written by Vienna-based artists. Who co-organised a beat boxing world championship as a teenager? Why did the term “sauerkraut” become a secret code for jazz fans during the Nazi regime? And who released “13 dirty songs”? Get “Unnützes WienWissen Musik” to find out!

Unnützes WienWissen Musik
By the team
Published by Holzbaum (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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