Book look: facts & facades

The internet has become our main source of information as encyclopaedias are extinct. But how trustable are things we read online? Even scientists make mistakes, let alone various self-proclaimed experts on the news. Norbert Golluch has done extensive research to present 444 surprising facts. He has structured his book into 19 chapters to help us getting it right when it comes to widespread myths and incorrect information. On over 300 pages, “444 neue populäre Irrtümer” informs about science, sports, law and geography. You’ll be surprised to find out the truth regarding our 24-hour system, the volume of a lion’s roar and the value of gold.

444 neue populäre Irrtümer
By Norbert Golluch
Published by Riva (

Hirmer has released a photo book dedicated to the oeuvre of Roland Fischer. The 58-year-old has taken photographs of facades all over the world. “Roland Fischer: Facades” features images showing bank headquarters, company offices and museums in Madrid, Sao Paolo, Melbourne and many other cities. Fischer’s photos are almost mysterious as it becomes impossible to identify the place where they were taken. His photos pose manifold questions concerning architectural identity, developments in urban regions across the globe and distinctiveness in design. “Roland Fischer: Facades” not only features dozens of Fischer’s fascinating photographs dominated by patterns, lines and squares. The book also includes essays on his creative output by Petra Giloy-Hirtz, Lyle Rexer and Sheryl Conkelton.

Roland Fischer: Facades
By Petra Giloy-Hirtz
Published by Hirmer (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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