Book look: Kaspar & Koldehoff

An expert on classical music has examined the background of some of the world’s most famous tunes. Peter Paul Kaspar’s new book “Wer hat das Ave Maria geklaut? Die wechselvolle Geschichte musikalischer Ohrwürmer” provides extraordinary details concerning the intentions of composers like Joseph Haydn, Franz Liszt and Giuseppe Verdi. Readers find out lots of exciting information about the musical geniuses’ era, their oeuvre and audiences’ response. Kaspar’s 145-page book is carefully researched and packed with scientific but also approachable facts regarding some of the most celebrated composers in history. “Wer hat das Ave Maria geklaut?” underlines Verlag Anton Pustet’s high-quality policy. The publishing company recently also released a ski tour guide by Thomas Neuhold (“Skitouren light. 100 Touren für Einsteiger und Genießer”), Klaus Ranzenberger’s crime novel “Mord in vier Gängen. Ein Burgheim-Krimi”) and “Lehrpfade im Süden Österreichs” by Tatjana Rasbortschan which focuses on hiking in Styria and Carinthia.

Wer hat das Ave Maria geklaut? Die wechselvolle Geschichte musikalischer Ohrwürmer
By Peter Paul Kaspar
Published by Verlag Anton Pustet (

What does it mean to own a Vincent Van Gogh masterpiece? How does the acquisition procedure work? What were the artist’s intentions and inspirations when he created his paintings? German culture journalist and art expert Stefan Koldehoff has examined the historical background of Van Gogh paintings and their owners. His new book “Ich und Van Gogh. Bilder, Sammler und ihre abenteuerlichen Geschichten”, which is now out by Galiani Berlin, offers astonishing insights on the art scene and painting purchase procedures. Furthermore, the co-author of “Falsche Bilder – Echtes Geld. Der Fälschungscoup des Jahrhunderts – und wer alles daran verdiente” (with Tobias Timm) informs about historical occurrences linked with the time the paintings were created, Van Gogh’s personal background and especially the life of those who owned or still own the outstanding pieces of art – from Erich Maria Remarque to Elizabeth Taylor. Speaking to Art Magazin, Koldehoff underlines the “strength and uniqueness” of Van Gogh’s paintings and the unabated myth about his personality as a tool to boost prices.

Ich und Van Gogh. Bilder, Sammler und ihre abenteuerlichen Geschichten
By Stefan Koldehoff
Published by Galiani Berlin (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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