Book look: Gelsenkirchen & Gassner

A new part of the Gmeiner publishing company’s city talks series takes us to a vibrant town in North Rhine-Westphalia. Gelsenkirchen means working class, a large number of nationalities but also fascinating new art projects. The city has gone through many changes during the past decades. For her book, Brigit Salutzki interviewed 45 personalities who shape life in the city where she was born. The journalist, who now lives in Gladbeck, portrays teachers, chefs, painters and theatre directors. Other Gmeiner Verlag books take us to Frankfurt, Vienna, Hamburg and Munich. The Stadtgespräche series offers a great opportunity to discover towns through their inhabitants.

Stadtgespräche aus Gelsenkirchen
By Birgit Salutzki
Published by Gmeiner (

Robert Gassner has modernised buildings for more than 25 years. The architecture and renovation expert has designed and refurbished houses of various styles and sizes. Now a 400-page book celebrates his achievements. The outstanding photos – which show details, materials and the exciting results – take you closer to Gassner’s ideas and creations. The architect describes his approach in several essays. Other articles have been contributed by Andreas Kump while Ingo Pertramer and Sophie Gassner are responsible for the pictures. The concept of “Robert Gassner – Alte Mauern. Neues Wohnen” is absolutely convincing: informative texts in German and English texts and marvellous photography. Speaking to, Gassner said he would “fall in love again and again” as he chooses new projects. He also admitted having a hard time convincing future residents of his ideas. Gassner added he preferred a “back to the roots” idea of living. “It’s about a careful resources consumption and enjoying ourselves at home in these fast-paced times.”

Robert Gassner – Alte Mauern. Neues Wohnen
By Robert Gassner, Andreas Kump, Sophie Gassner and Ingo Pertramer,
Published by Ueberreuter (

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