Book look: Kuhn & Kermani

Twitter has become an irreplaceable aspect in modern information technology – despite stagnating user figures and a disastrous stock market performance. Politicians inform about meeting results and strategic decision via Twitter. Football fans rely on the platform for transfer news while showbiz gossip addicts check out glossy magazines’ accounts. Being limited to 140 characters is a key element of Twitter which was founded in 2006. Now a German author has created an encyclopaedia featuring articles which are not any longer than a Twitter post. “Alles, was man wissen muss – in 140 Zeichen” informs about decisive political developments, inventions and sociological changes. The book is conservatively structured into chapters about the different centuries, regions like Africa and sciences such as the history of music and literature. This fresh and unconventional approach creates a new kind of information source. But regardless where you get your facts from, it will always be up to us to memorise them. Kuhn’s book works as a companion to make the most of the time you are spending waiting for the bus each day while pub quiz participants might consider its power as far as preparation is concerned. In case of strong interest in a certain issue, additional research is, of course, inevitable. “Alles, was man wissen muss – in 140 Zeichen” is packed with facts. Unfortunately, the book does not include any information about the author.

Alles, was man wissen muss – in 140 Zeichen
By Oliver Kuhn
Published by Riva (

An award-winning journalist has travelled the main 2015 migration route to create an intimate portrait of people on the run. Navid Kermani was accompanied by photographer Moises Saman when he travelled through Europe to find out more about refugees’ fate. He interviewed people from Syria and Afghanistan in Belgrade and described their journey through Macedonia for German magazine Der Spiegel. The Cologne-based Kleist Award laureate also went to Greece where hundreds of refugees arrived each day in 2015. “Einbruch der Wirklichkeit. Auf dem Flüchtlingstreck durch Europa” is a touching 90-page report about the most significant development of 2015. Kermani previously published “Ausnahmezustand” as well as several other essays and books. Both “Einbruch der Wirklichkeit” and “Ausnahmezustand” were released by C.H. Beck. The publishing house, which has its headquarters in Munich, recently also presented “Metropolen der Moderne. Eine europäische Stadtgeschichte seit 1850” by Friedrich Lenger and “Helmut Schmidt. Soldat, Kanzler, Ikone”, a brilliant portrait of late German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt by Gunter Hofmann, the author of “Willy Brandt und Helmut Schmidt. Geschichte einer schwierigen Freundschaft”.

Einbruch der Wirklichkeit. Auf dem Flüchtlingstreck durch Europa
By Navid Kermani
Published by C.H. Beck (

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