Book look: Hänke & Honetschläger

There are various cultural differences between Western Europe and China. We are all aware of the significant gap regarding eating traditions and family relationships. “Nackte Hochzeit. Wie ich China lieben lernte” is one of the funniest records concerning these issues. Sven Hänke earned a position at a university in China by accident. He soon realised that people’s routines are totally different there. Hänke, who grew up near Hamburg and lived in Berlin, describes his mobile phone purchase odyssey. Another chapter reveals his aversion for jellyfish salad and sole. “Nackte Hochzeit. Wie ich China lieben lernte” features hilarious anecdotes about China’s passion for German precision and technology. Since he fell in love in Tianjin, Hänke describes the extraordinary wedding preparations and complex procedures before the couple eventually ties the knot. A few months later, he chauffeured his wife’s relatives through Europe – speed sightseeing in Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. “Nackte Hochzeit. Wie ich China lieben lernte” is a witty and highly informative 250-page approach towards Chinese customs and mentality.

Nackte Hochzeit. Wie ich China lieben lernte
By Sven Hänke
Published by Rowohlt (

An internationally renowned artist from Austria has created a collection of Polaroids taken in the capital of Brazil. Edgar Honetschläger – a celebrated multimedia artist residing in Austria and Italy – travelled to Brasilia to capture the city’s specific architectural aspects as well as moments of loneliness. Brasilia is known for its futuristic buildings. Honetschläger’s blurred shots convey a special mood far from the colourful Olympic atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro. “Sugar and Ice” is just one of many acclaimed Honetschläger projects. Born in Linz, the artist and filmmaker (“Milk”, “Aun”) participated in the 1997 Documenta Kassel. A few months ago, Austrian radio Ö1 dedicated its two-hour culture programme “Diagonal” to Honetschläger.

Sugar and Ice
By Edgar Honetschläger
Published by Schlebrügge.Editor (

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