Book look: Redelings pulls the plug

A popular football comedian has undergone an extraordinary experiment. Ben Redelings, one of Germany’s most successful sports authors, decided to delete football from his daily routine for 31 days.

The Bochum-based supporter of local team VfL picked May for his project – the month of exciting developments such as the fight against being relegated and the Champions League semi finals. Friends, colleagues and journalists cannot believe Redelings’ move, and many doubt that he will make it to the end without a quick look at newspaper headlines or his Twitter timeline. Redelings’ wife grabs the scissors to remove all soccer-related articles from the newspaper – until she misses a small article about turmoil at Schalke 04.

Redelings soon realises how much he misses certain elements linked with football such as meeting friends for a beer and a discussion about possible transfers and poor performances. However, the creator of the Album series (a Verlag Die Werkstatt production dedicated to the stars of Bundesliga clubs like Werder Bremen, Eintracht Frankfurt and FC Bayern) also underlines his growing aversion for the increasingly perfect marketing manoeuvres of the big clubs.

He wonders whether things really were better in the old days when controversial characters like Stefan Effenberg and Mario Basler did not shy away from expressing their thoughts. This honest reflection on a business he benefits himself is more interesting than the portrayal of his attempts to avoid getting informed about football news during his fasting period.

“Fußball-Fasten” is a Verlag Die Werkstatt production. The publishing house recently also presented “Alles Bayern! Unverzichtbares Wissen rund um den Rekordmeister”, by Christoph Bausenwein, a book packed with facts about Germany’s most successful club. From A to Z, Bausenwein lists the best scorers, jersey numbers, expensive transfers, facts about the team’s stadiums and Bayern Munich’s national team players.

“Der Triumph von Rio. Brasilien 2014 – die Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft” is a great review of the 2014 World Cup. The book by Ulrich Kühne-Hellmessen and Detlef Vetten features brilliant action photos, informative articles and essential statistics. Redelings wrote Album paperbacks about 1. FC Köln, Borussia Dortmund and other clubs as well as his hilarious Bundesliga book “Die Bundesliga wie sie lebt und lacht”.

Fußball-Fasten. Das Experiment
By Ben Redelings
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (

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