Book look: Pomerantsev on Putin, parties and propaganda

A British journalist with many years of work experience in Russia has presented his revealing book about the country’s controversial economic and political regulations. Peter Pomerantsev was assigned by Russian television company TMT as director and producer of broadcasts of different genres. He was based in Moscow many years but also travelled across the country to carry out different orders and produce exciting reports.

The author of this DVA publication writes about models’ mysterious deaths. Pomerantsev also describes a bizarre mobster movie industry and the recklessness of some Russian authorities who keep arresting innocent businesspeople for no reason due to vicious rivalries between the bosses of different federal institutions. Furthermore, Pomerantsev portrayed young women desperate to become the sex toy of a “Forbes” – one of Russia’s post-communism millionaires.

“Nichts ist wahr und alles ist möglich. Abenteuer in Putins Russland” explains what it means to be a “liberal” in Russia. The book features a fascinating chapter about construction activities in Moscow and a precise analysis of the Russian media landscape since the decline of socialism, with a special focus on Russia Today. In the end, Pomerantsev describes the life of Russian millionaires in London and complex strategies of tax evasion and money laundering.

Klaus Timmermann and Ulrike Wasel translated Pomerantsev’s book into German. The original version “Nothing is True and Everything is Possible” neither features the Russian president’s name nor his portrait on the cover. The decision of the German publishing house to carry out these changes in order to attract the attention of readers say a lot about Germany’s uptight fixation on Vladimir Putin.

Nichts ist wahr und alles ist möglich. Abenteuer in Putins Russland
By Peter Pomerantsev
Published by DVA (

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