Book look: diplomats & detectives

“Widerstand und Auswärtiges Amt. Diplomaten gegen Hitler” is a 290-page analysis of diplomats’ different strategies against the Nazi regime. Ruhr University Bochum professor Michael Wala, Anne Nelson, Karsten Linne and other authors contributed articles. The book tells from various initiatives and foreign ministry officials’ methods. An important aspect is the diplomats’ self-perception after 1945 and an analysis of how German officials dealt with the dark legacy of the country’s institutions.

Widerstand und Auswärtiges Amt. Diplomaten gegen Hitler
By Jan Erich Schulte, Michael Wala and others
Published by Siedler (

A German author has created a lovely panorama of the English countryside – with a special focus on fictional crimes and characters from novels and television series. Luise Berg-Ehlers portrays female novelists and the locations of the crimes they have been writing about. “Mit Miss Marple aufs Land” informs about English traditions – from gardening to typical sports and the local pub culture. Readers get to know more about life on the countryside and different attractions in Oxford and other towns. Berg-Ehlers previously presented “Die Gärten der Virginia Woolf” and “Mit Virginia Woolf durch England”. “Mit Miss Marple aufs Land” features not just informative and amusing texts but also many photographs and some paintings by Eva-Maria Salm.

Mit Miss Marple aufs Land. Englische Krimischriftstellerinnen zwischen Tearoom und Tatort
By Luise Berg-Ehlers
Published by Elisabeth Sandmann Verlag (

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