Book look: footy fun facts

A new 290-page football-themed publication takes you far back to the beginnings of the sport to disclose manifold mysteries.1

Uli Hesse and Paul Simpson put an enormous effort on investigating extraordinary aspects concerning soccer. The book created by the ESPN columnist specialised on the Bundesliga and the former FourFourTwo editor is called “Wer erfand den Übersteiger? … und andere lebenswichtige Fußballfragen”.

It reveals the meaning of sport-themed terms like Tifosi and gets you closer to players’ personal pre-match rituals and traditions. Hesse and Simpson managed to find out more about incredible winning streaks. They also examined the tactics of North Korea’s legendary 1966 World Cup team.

“Wer erfand den Übersteiger? … und andere lebenswichtige Fußballfragen” is packed with facts, anecdotes and astonishing information. The broad range of football-themed subjects ensures a riveting read.

The book follows acclaimed Verlag Die Werkstatt publications such as “Fußball-Fasten” which is the title of Ben Redelings’ no-football experiment. “Alles Bayern! Unverzichtbares Wissen rund um den Rekordmeister” is a remarkably comprehensive and precise collection of facts, charts and statistics regarding Germany’s powerhouse. Christoph Bausenwein was in charge.

The author teamed up with Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling to create “Nur der BVB. Die Geschichte von Borussia Dortmund” – a superb encyclopaedia about Borussia Dortmund, the black and yellow soccer force from North-Rhine Westphalia. “Rote Liebe. Die Geschichte von Hannover 96” is the title of another impressive club history tome coming from Hardy Grüne, Frank Willig, Thorsten Schmidt and Horst Kroschinski.

Wer erfand den Übersteiger? … und andere lebenswichtige Fußballfragen
By Uli Hesse & Paul Simpson
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (

Book look: Krüger & Krumbiegel

Mike Krüger has revealed1 his autobiography. The German showbiz legend has a laid-back approach looking back on his career. He does not shy away from speaking about blunders, flops and poor performances. However, the Ulm-born Hamburg personality also writes about how he experienced first hits and blockbuster roles. Comedian Bastian Pastewka and even late essayist Roger Willemsen praised “Mein Gott, Walther. Das Leben ist oft Plan B”. Krüger’s reflections follow “Herbstblond. Die Autobiografie” by fellow movie star Thomas Gottschalk who hosted 151 editions of “Wetten, dass…?”, Germany’s final epic Saturday night entertainment programme. The Los Angeles-based loudmouth with a passion for controversial outfits also decided to bluntly speak out concerning his hits and misses. Piper, the publishing house releasing Krüger’s 290-page biography, recently also published Armin Strohmeyr’s non-fiction book “Geheimnisvolle Frauen. Rebellinnen, Mätressen, Hochstaplerinnen”. The author portrays 12 influential women from Empress Elizabeth of Austria to Hollywood femme fatale Greta Garbo.

Mein Gott, Walther. Das Leben ist oft Plan B
By Mike Krüger and Till Hoheneder
Published by Piper (

1An Austrian publishing house focusing on comedy has presented a great collection of Uwe Krumbiegel cartoons. “Die besten Cartoons von Uwe Krumbiegel” – now out by Holzbaum – dishes up the German’s relentlessly sarcastic points of view. Krumbiegel is taking the piss on our day to day routine. He questions aspects which we consider as common sense. This approach creates hilarious situations turned into caricatures by the Freiberg-based artist. Krumbiegel grew up in Saxony. His cartoons have been published by local Schweriner Volkszeitung and other papers. “Die besten Cartoons von Uwe Krumbiegel” reveals why cat content could have prevented World War Two. Krumbiegel also portrays the tough challenges of Santa Clause in the 21st century. Another drawing underlines the importance of correct pronunciation – or would you appreciate an airplane crashing into your dinner?

Die besten Cartoons von Uwe Krumbiegel
By Uwe Krumbiegel
Published by Holzbaum (

Book look: Tehran & tennis

2A German-Iranian journalist takes us on a journey to Iran. Bita Schafi-Neya presents the country and its people from a very personal point of view. She shares many anecdotes, describes life on the countryside and in Tehran and informs about the regional politeness customs. “Mögen deine Augen leuchten. Meine Reise durch den Iran” deals with Iranian feminism, the political situation decades after the revolution and an outlook on the Iranian society and the country’s standing in the world in the 21st century. Schafi-Neya’s book follows the release of “Krieg gegen das Kalifat” by Wieland Schneider. The Austrian reporter and author of “Das Ende der Angst?” travelled through Iraq, Syria and Turkey to document the fight against the Islamic State. He interviewed Kurdistan leaders and military generals to create a realistic portrait of the complex situation in the embattled region. Braumüller also published “Grado abseits der Pfade” by Michael Dangl. The book is the actor’s personal guide to the Adriatic beauty spot. He portrays landlords and residents to inform about the typical town life off the busy tourism activities in July and August. “Grado abseits der Pfade” also includes reports about trips to Marano Lagunare and Duino-Aurisina.

Mögen deine Augen leuchten. Meine Reise durch den Iran
By Bita Schafi-Neya
Published by Braumüller (

1A tennis enthusiast has created a 300-page tribute in an ambitious attempt to convince others of the fascination for the game. Florian Goosmann, a German journalist, writes about Roger Federer’s skills, recommends other books about the game’s biggest stars and makes aware of numerous YouTube classics. Goosmann also admits his admiration for some attractive female tennis starlets. He lists memorable matches which enthusiasts should check out once more online and reveals some amazing facts about players such as one hero’s need to leave the light on at night. “111 Gründe, Tennis zu lieben” also includes many advices concerning visiting the Australian Open and other important tournaments. The author explains why every tennis fan must attend a big tournament during its first week. He often adds a personal note to it all by telling anecdotes from his local court and other hilarious stories such as the one about a horrific road trip to the French Open. “111 Gründe, Tennis zu lieben” is part of a popular series by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf. The collection also features books about other sports such as running and hiking and several renowned football clubs like Juventus Turin and Rapid Vienna.

111 Gründe, Tennis zu lieben
By Florian Goosmann
Published by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf (

Book look: the nuclear nightmare

The devastating Chernobyl catastrophe was a turning point for society, economy and politics. The effects of the reactor four detonation of 26 April 1986 are now documented by a 1collection of gripping photographs.

Gerd Ludwig has worked for the National Geographic for more than 25 years. The award-winning lensman not only took pictures of the destructed power plant. He also documented the deserted exclusion zone, traumatised children, wounded workers and elderly residents who returned to their hometowns a few years after the tragedy. Mikhail Gorbachev, the creator of Perestroika and Glasnost, contributed two pages of introductory words for “The Long Shadow of Chernobyl”.

The 250-page book – which features informative texts in German, English and French – was named Best Photography Book at the Pictures of the Year Award 2014. The renowned retired Russian politician speaks of a “horrible lesson” we learned. He also mentions the poor information politics in the Soviet Union, the continuing danger caused by the existence of nuclear weapons and the economic effects of the disaster. Thousands of Europeans died from thyroid cancer and other diseases since the detonation. Between 1,000 and 1,600 Austrians lost the battle against thyroid cancer and other diseases linked with the radioactive fallout.

The Long Shadow of Chernobyl (Der lange Schatten von Tschernobyl)
By Gerd Ludwig and Mikhail Gorbachev
Published by Edition Lammerhuber (

Book look: summer & the Selecao

1Three renowned authors have written eight short stories in an attempt of reflection and portrayal. “Acht deutsche Sommer” consists of texts by Uwe Schmitt, Wolfgang Büscher and Christine Kensche. Büscher earned unanimous acclaim for publications like “Berlin – Moskau. Eine Reise zu Fuß” and “Hartland”, a book about his three-month hike from the United States’ frontier with Canada to the US-Mexican border. Another recommendable and more recent release by Büscher is “Ein Frühling in Jerusalem”. Kensche, who contributed two stories for “Acht deutsche Sommer”, worked as freelance foreign correspondent in Italy and Israel before joining Die Welt. The German daily previously published shorter versions of the stories featured in this book. Schmitt was born in 1955. He worked for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung before being hired by Die Welt. In 1999, the journalist and author presented “Tokyo Tango. Ein japanisches Abenteuer”.

Acht deutsche Sommer
By Wolfgang Büscher, Christine Kensche and Uwe Schmitt
Published by Rowohlt (

We all know – and love – Brazil’s passion for football. The samba soccer stars delight the masses around the globe. Pele, Zico and Ronaldinho will always be legends. Now a new book offers fresh perspectives on the Selecao. On 400 pages, Angela Römelt delivers intense portraits of the game’s biggest heroes. However, the author also adds some lovely anecdotes about supporters, jersey colours and off-pitch topics. “111 Gründe, die Selecao Brasileira zu lieben” is part of a German publishing company’s series about the wonderful things in life. Other authors did not just focus on sports issues. However, the Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf collection features lists of 111 reasons regarding tennis (“111 Gründe, Tennis zu lieben” by German sports journalist Florian Goosmann), Italian Serie A giants Juventus (“111 Gründe, Juventus Turin zu lieben” by Roman Mandelc”).

111 Gründe, die Selecao Brasileira zu lieben
By Angela Römelt
Published by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf (