Book look: Zurich & Jerusalem

A Swiss journalist and novelist invites us on a tour through the city she was born in. Zurich is the best known place in Swiss in the world. It is automatically linked in 2people’s minds with banks and big businesses. However, the picturesque place has to offer so much more. Milena Moser – who has worked for various papers but can also look back on writing a handful of top-selling novels and non-fiction releases – portrays Zurich’s night life, the positive and negative aspects of its many summer festivals, the city’s outskirts and the local zoo. “Gebrauchsanweisung für Zürich”, a 220-page Piper publication, is packed with chapters about new urban trends, the lake and the language, the expensive aspects of the city and its young generation. Moser’s book is a great addition to Piper’s Gebrauchsanweisung series which features exciting guides through various countries, regions and cities all over the world – from Australia to Salzburg, Croatia and London.

Gebrauchsanweisung für Zürich
By Milena Moser
Published by Piper (

“Jerusalem. Menschen und Geschichten einer wundersamen Stadt” is a collection of remarkable photos taken in one of the most fascinating cities in the world. The mention of Jerusalem, with its importance for three denominations, often creates emotions and even heated debate – regardless if participants of such discussions ever went there. Iris Berben has done so several times throughout the decades. The award-1winning German actress and humanity activist travelled to the Israeli town in 1968 for the first time. The images by Tom Krausz and her essays featured in this book – now out by Corso, a publishing house specialised in photo books – convey the special atmosphere of Jerusalem. The photos depict peaceful coexistence of Jewish people, Muslims and Christians. They also show idyllic street scenes between relaxing during lunchtime and doing shopping at the market. There are pilgrims, tourists and residents. The decisive questions regarding the future of Palestine and the whole Middle East remain unanswered. However, it is not the task of this book to find a solution. “Jerusalem. Menschen und Geschichten einer wundersamen Stadt” rather creates a wonderful feeling of city life involving people of different social background and nationality. The release follows several remarkable photo books such as “Wien, Küss die Hand, Moderne”. This unusual Vienna guide includes contributions by Elfriede Jelinek, Thomas Glavinic and Ulrich Ladurner. Furthermore, there are many brilliant photographs as well as book tips recommending the oeuvre of Thomas Stangl, Joseph Roth and many others.

Jerusalem. Menschen und Geschichten einer wundersamen Stadt
By Iris Berben and Tom Krausz
Published by Corso (

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