Book look: dumb headlines & Donald’s endeavours

The best parts of a collection of hilarious 1headlines have been turned into a book. “Lepra-Gruppe hat sich aufgelöst. Perlen des Lokaljournalismus” features incredible spelling errors which significantly change the meaning of a headline. Other news are rather mysterious: bizarre injuries, odd crimes and strange cultural events turn this 190-page publication into an enormously amusing ride through the newspaper landscape of German-speaking Europe. The contributions come from a popular Facebook page. Jörg Homering-Elsner and Ralf Heimann compiled and created the book. “Lepra-Gruppe hat sich aufgelöst. Perlen des Lokaljournalismus” is just one of many entertainment releases by Heyne. The publishing house recently also presented a funny collection of charts and diagrams called “Was wir tun, wenn der Chef reinkommt. Die Welt in überwiegend lustigen Grafiken” and the “Achilles Laufkalender 2016” which is packed with useful tips for runners and great anecdotes about long-distance enthusiasts and their personal challenges.

Lepra-Gruppe hat sich aufgelöst. Perlen des Lokaljournalismus
By Ralf Heimann & Jörg Homering-Elsner
Published by Heyne (

Indebted salesman and unlucky pilot. A German publishing house presents a brilliant collection of stories documenting the highs and lows of Donald Duck. “Donald Duck. Sein Leben, seine 2Pleiten” features more than 15 coloured stories from Duckburg. The Ehapa Comic Collection release tells from the mishaps and unfortunate manoeuvres of infamously clumsy Donald. The 400-page book includes popular stories like “Pyramid Selling” from 1995, “New Year’s Debt” (1996) and “The Three Caballeros”, a story initially published in 1944. “Donald Duck. Sein Leben, seine Pleiten” is part of the Ehapa Comic Collection, a series of German-language releases and special dialect editions of legendary comics like Mickey Mouse and Lucky Luke. Recent publications include top titles such as “Disney: Micky Maus – Es war einmal in Amerika”, “Asterix redt Schwyzerdütsch: Der große Mundart-Sammelband” and “Disney: Findet Dorie”.

Donald Duck. Sein Leben, seine Pleiten
By Michael Nagula, Jano Rohleder and others
Published by Ehapa Comic Collection (

Sturm seek success as Rapid struggle

Sturm Graz are eyeing up three points in Vienna as the Bundesliga leaders face Rapid.newstadium1

The Viennese team are in a serious crisis. Last night, the Green-Whites lost 0-1 away from home against KRC Genk in the Europa League. On Sunday, Rapid play against Sturm Kickoff at the Allianz Stadium in Vienna will be at 4.30pm.

Sturm are confident about claiming something in the capital. The tradition-rich side from Styria – who can rely on strong support from the stands also away from home – have every chance to win the Austrian Bundesliga title for the first time since 2011. Back then, current coach Franco Foda was in charge.

Rapid only recently sacked manager Mike Büskens. The German – who was hired in summer – was replaced by former Altach boss Damir Canadi. Following a defeat against Red Bull Salzburg in his first match as Rapid coach, Canadi admitted a “lack of pace” compared to the defending champions. Rapid President Michael Krammer meanwhile underlined he had not yet given up hope to win the league “as long there is a chance”.

For more information regarding the top game of the weekend and both teams, visit and

The Austrian Bundesliga after 15 of 36 rounds:

SK Sturm Graz, 30 points
Altach, 30
Red Bull Salzburg, 28
FK Austria, 28
SK Rapid, 20
Wolfsberger AC, 19
SV Ried, 17
Admira Wacker, 16
SKN St. Pölten, 11
SV Mattersburg, 10

Book look: Gundlach & Germans

1A German publishing house has released a book reflecting on one of the most remarkable art collections of the 20th century. “Sammlung F.C. Gundlach” features a long interview with the founder of the collection about his beginnings as a photographer, his friendship with Hans Neuendorf and the different approaches, techniques and methods of European and American snappers. “Sammlung F.C. Gundlach”, a 180-page publication now out by Hirmer, includes various exhibition posters, photos by Richard Hamilton as well as works of art by some of Germany’s most celebrated painters: Sigmar Polke, Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen and Georg Baselitz. Hirmer recently also presented “Mack. Reporter”, a fascinating 150-page collection of images taken by Ulrich Mack in the 1960s and 1970s edited by photo expert and curator Hans-Michael Koetzle. The book consists of a Six-Day War documentation, fashion shots and portraits of artists such as Oskar Kokoschka, Max Ernst and Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Sammlung F.C. Gundlach
By Bruno Brunnet
Published by Hirmer (

2Germany has always been the country of great scientists, brilliant artists and innovative entrepreneurs. Now an author has compiled a comprehensive list of personalities who shaped the country. The title of Bernd Imgrund’s book implies that we should know these musicians, politicians and researchers. Well, should we? How did the author approach the task of listing 111 influential men and women? Imgrund’s short biographies really help you understanding the era those people lived in. The author of “111 deutsche Wirtshäuser, die man gesehen haben muss” creates fascinating panoramas and colourful portraits of personalities and their time. In his foreword, the journalist from Cologne underlines that it had not been his intention to list 111 famous Germans. He focused on their achievements which have shaped and changed our world. Of course, “111 Deutsche, die man kennen sollte” features portraits of Albert Einstein, Ludwig van Beethoven and Richard Wagner. But the book also presents Artur Fischer, Ute von Naumburg and Philipp Melanchthon – Germans who might not be as famous as these giants. Imgrund’s book is part of Emons’ 111 series which also consists of a collection of Porsche anecdotes by Wilfried Müller “111 Porsche-Stories, die man kennen muss”, a book about the underrated capital of Lowerr Saxony (“111 Orte in Hannover, die man gesehen haben muss” by Cornelia Kuhnert and Günter Krüger) and “111 Orte in Wien, die man gesehen haben muss” by Peter Eickhoff. The journalist takes you on an exciting tour through the Austrian capital and presents secret beauty spots and lovely aspects of the city far off the touristic buzz – from an auctioneer’s branch in a working class district to a bust commemorating an icon of socialism.

111 Deutsche, die man kennen sollte
By Bernd Imgrund
Published by Emons (

Panorama perspectives

Outstanding landscape portraits are now in the focus at a Viennese gallery.dsc00874

The Leopold Museum and the private Leopold collection feature an astonishing number of brilliant landscape paintings by leading artists such as Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller and Emil Jakob Schindler. Now the Leopold Museum management decided to organise a special exhibition to present the highlights of his genre.

Most of the artworks on display at “Zauber der Landschaft. Von Waldmüller bis Boeckl” (The Magic of Landscapes. From Waldmüller to Boeckl) were created in the first two decades of the 20th century – and era dominated by political uncertainty, economic turmoil and the devastating effects of World War One. However, there are also some earlier works on display.

The range of styles, techniques and topics is remarkable – from the fairytale wonderlands of Anton Romako to the precision of Rudolf von Alt. “The Magic of Landscapes. From Waldmüller to Boeckl” – now on display at the spacious ground floor showrooms of the Leopold Museum, the renowned art hotspot situated between Mariahilfer Straße and Volkstheater – also includes a series of idyllic autumn impressions by Josef Dobrowsky and drafts by Egon Schiele.

Go to for information regarding ticket prices, guided tours and opening hours.

Book look: Paradiesvögel & personalities

1“Free Hugs” offered by a Robinson Crusoe-like guy and a hilarious misunderstanding regarding Wurstbrot and ‘Wurstboot’? Welcome to the world of Huse! “Paradiesvögel” is a 65-page collection of cartoons created by Björn Ciesinski. The Freiburg im Breisgau-based artist portrays burnout kittens and clowns at traffic lights. His caricatures convey a brilliant sense of humour. “Paradiesvögel” is a Holzbaum production. The Austrian publishing house recently also presented “Gay Nazi Dolphins at a Gang Bang” by Oliver Ottitsch, Theres Denzinger’s “Das Lexikon der Untiere”, “Rekord-Hitze & Jahrhundert-Winter” by Daniel Jokesch & HYDRA and “Unnützes WienWissen Musik”, a funny and informative collection of short facts about Vienna-based musicians and songs about the Austrian capital.

By Huse
Published by Holzbaum (

2Growing up on the countryside before relocating to a city – and the other way round. How are inhabitants’ mentalities shaping artists’ oeuvres? What does it mean to live in a remote region? How does it feel to be in the middle of the Viennese buzz? The biographies and personal developments of Austrian actors, artists and musicians are rich in variety. A new photo book created by journalist Saskia Schwaiger and snapper Lukas Beck gets you closer to the stars. The duo portrays renowned actors like Manuel Rubey and authors such as Egyd Gstättner. Former singer and actor Rubey (“Falco. Verdammt, wir leben noch!”, “Zweisitzrakete”) reflects on Vienna while Gstättner takes us to Klagenfurt in Carinthia with its huge and rarely used football stadium. Willi Resetarits presents his Stinatz – Vienna-Favoriten – Vienna Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus biography. Ernst Molden discovers the wild nature of the Prater, Vienna-Leopoldstadt’s green lung. Filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer (“We Feed the World”, “Let’s Make Money”), author Eva Menasse and many others speak about childhood memories, the search for identity, friendship and homesickness.

Stadtmenschen. Wie Plätze und Straßen Biografien prägen
By Saskia Schwaiger and Lukas Beck
Published by Picus (

Book look: German & French

1 A German publishing house has released an updated version of its acclaimed Deutsch A1 textbook. Hueber recently presented “Schritte plus Österreich. Deutsch als Zweitsprache” by Monika Bovermann, Angela Pude and other authors. The team did not just focus on a precise presentation of the main grammar rules. They also considered specific Austrian dialect and colloquial expressions for day to day situations – from shopping dialogues to telling the time. “Schritte plus Österreich. Deutsch als Zweitsprache” has an interesting and lively structure of topics. It features nice illustrations and an audio CD for listening exercises.

Schritte plus Österreich. Deutsch als Zweitsprache
By Daniela Niebisch, Franz Spech and others
Published by Hueber (

2Advanced learners often struggle finding appropriate course books and grammar guides. “Grammaire Progressive du Francais” is an outstanding example for a focused and clear presentation of the most important rules. The 290-page publication edited by Maia Gregoire provides a profound selection of around 600 exercises considering all main grammar topics – from verbs to prepositions, plural rules and tricky issues like subjonctif and passive forms. The book targets everyone aiming at learning French on a level of B2 onwards.

Grammaire Progressive du Francais
By Maia Gregoire
Published by Ernst Klett / CLE International (,