Book look: Raulff & Raack

1The relationship between horse and human has changed dramatically over the past decades, a new book confirms. Ulrich Raulff’s “Das letzte Jahrhundert der Pferde. Geschichte einer Trennung” investigates the partnership of animal and man from the beginnings to the fast-paced 21st century. The award-winning author (“Kreis ohne Meister. Stefan Georges Nachleben”) and head of the German Archive for Literature (Deutsches Literaturarchiv) in Marbach am Neckar examines the role of horses in war and agriculture but also writes about what it still stands for: elegance, beauty and power. The carefully researched 460-page publication features more than 30 illustrations, showing masterpieces by Peter Paul Rubens, Franz Marc, Paolo Veronese and others.

Das letzte Jahrhundert der Pferde. Geschichte einer Trennung
By Ulrich Raulff
Published by C.H. Beck (

2Alex Raack has taken a closer look at common phrases after intense matches and football supporters’ gear. In his new book “Den muss er machen”, the author also presents different types of goal celebrations and specific characteristics of managers. By putting a special focus on classic soccer statements by players, coaches and fans, Raack created a hilarious guide through the unique universe of football. Edel recently also published “Der Erste Weltkrieg. Die Bilanz in Bildern” by Guido Knopp. A period of peace was abruptly ended in 1914 by the devastations of World War One. The historian created chapters around 74 handpicked wartime photos. He explains when they were taken and what they depict. Another interesting release by the publishing house which is in charge of “Den muss er machen” is “Venedig” by Christoph Lohfert and Rainer Groothuis. On almost 150 pages, the photographers capture the atmosphere of the magical Italian city. “1000 Fußballtrikots” is an extraordinary football book by Bernard Lions. The author provides precise facts about clubs and national teams of all eras in modern soccer – from the European elite to jerseys worn by professionals in Tunisia, Finland and Malaysia.

Den muss er machen
By Alex Raack
Published by Edel (

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