Panorama perspectives

Outstanding landscape portraits are now in the focus at a Viennese gallery.dsc00874

The Leopold Museum and the private Leopold collection feature an astonishing number of brilliant landscape paintings by leading artists such as Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller and Emil Jakob Schindler. Now the Leopold Museum management decided to organise a special exhibition to present the highlights of his genre.

Most of the artworks on display at “Zauber der Landschaft. Von Waldmüller bis Boeckl” (The Magic of Landscapes. From Waldmüller to Boeckl) were created in the first two decades of the 20th century – and era dominated by political uncertainty, economic turmoil and the devastating effects of World War One. However, there are also some earlier works on display.

The range of styles, techniques and topics is remarkable – from the fairytale wonderlands of Anton Romako to the precision of Rudolf von Alt. “The Magic of Landscapes. From Waldmüller to Boeckl” – now on display at the spacious ground floor showrooms of the Leopold Museum, the renowned art hotspot situated between Mariahilfer Straße and Volkstheater – also includes a series of idyllic autumn impressions by Josef Dobrowsky and drafts by Egon Schiele.

Go to for information regarding ticket prices, guided tours and opening hours.

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