Book look: German soccer & Syria

1From the sensational victory against Hungary in 1954 to the triumph of determination in Rio at the most recent World Cup. A new book reviews the most iconic victories of German football. However, “Mehr als ein Spiel. Das Buch zum Deutschen Fußballmuseum” does not just focus on the positive aspects of the game. The 260-page publication, which is packed with fantastic photographs – also examines low points of Germans’ most popular sport – from dictatorial propaganda to corruption scandals. Developments from the 19th century beginnings to the spectacular Bundesliga of the 1990s until today are essential too. Renowned football journalist Christoph Biermann writes about changes in coaching while Martin Wörner has a closer look at women’s soccer. Another chapter is dedicated to the German Football Museum showrooms. The institution with magnetic effect on soccer enthusiasts recently opened in Dortmund. Articles and essays by Ronald Reng, Ludger Schulze and others as well as interviews with Hamburger SV legend Uwe Seeler, 1974 World Cup captain Franz Beckenbauer, former Bayern Munich defender Lothar Matthäus and 2014 World Cup champ Philipp Lahm can also be found in “Mehr als ein Spiel. Das Buch zum Deutschen Fußballmuseum”.

Mehr als ein Spiel. Das Buch zum Deutschen Fußballmuseum
By Manuel Neukirchner, Hermann Beckfeld, Nils Havemann and others
Published by Klartext (

2An experienced German journalist with a special focus on the Middle East has drawn a vivid portrait of a shattered country. In “Syrien zwischen Schatten und Licht. Menschen erzählen von ihrem zerstörten Land”, Karin Leukefeld provides a profound historical account of the nation’s rocky past – from strong ties with Egypt to the alliance with Iran. However, Leukefeld – who has worked for German television and Swiss radio – also interviewed people she met through the past years. Her book includes stories about retired political officials, human rights activists and young students considering seeking a better life abroad as the violent conflict in Aleppo, Homs and other cities intensifies. We all know how things developed in Syria since “Syrien zwischen Schatten und Licht. Menschen erzählen von ihrem zerstörten Land” was published. No one can truly say whether peace will ever come to the country ever again. This book captures the fascinatingly broad spectrum of ways of life and hints at the chance of a peaceful coexistence of inhabitants of different opinions, sociological background and faith.

Syrien zwischen Schatten und Licht. Menschen erzählen von ihrem zerstörten Land
By Karin Leukefeld
Published by Rotpunktverlag (

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