Book look: Riecke & Rembrandt

2The people of Munich are considered being comparably laid back and relaxed, even in their busy workday routine. Nevertheless, the city is bustling with commuters, tourists and partygoers 24 hours a day. Now a photographer presents his collection of images depicting deserted squares and streets. “Silent Space München” features astonishing black and white photographs by Jens Riecke. The snapper took pictures of well-known spots across the city with no human being in sight, including Königsplatz, Ludwigstraße, Pinakothek der Moderne and Olympiapark. “Silent Space München” is an exciting experience as the book also includes poems by seven authors: Katja Huber, Andrea Heuser, Christoph Lindenmeyer, Birgit Müller-Wieland, SAID, Fridolin Schley and Karin Fellner. “Silent Space München” and a collection of wonderful photos taken in the city of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart called “Silent Space Salzburg” have been released by Verlag Anton Pustet. The publishing house also presented “Pflanzenreich. Gartenparadiese in Höhenlagen” by Rosalie Hötzer featuring tips and information regarding plants and herbs in the mountains and a collection of Christmas tales called “Stubenadvent. G’schichtn von früher”.

Silent Space München
By Jens Riecke
Published by Verlag Anton Pustet (

“Rembrandt” by Michael Bockemühl helps discovering the brilliant artistic universe of the Dutch master. Rembrandt is still one of the most famous and influential painters of all time. This 1100-page publication – which is part of a Taschen art book series also featuring releases about Albrecht Dürer, Caravaggio, Rene Magritte and many others – offers an excellent overview on his oeuvre, especially on episodes from the Bible and portraits of influential fellow countrymen and family members. Many myths and incorrect information still exist today regarding the life and inspirations of Rembrandt. Michael Bockemühl contributes informative texts concerning Rembrandt’s personal environment. The University Witten/Herdecke lecturer also deciphers the background stories of his celebrated art which is on display in the world’s top museums – from Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum to the National Gallery in London and the Louvre in Paris.

By Michael Bockemühl
Published by Taschen (

Book look: The Boss’ breakthrough

A young Austrian author has created an impressive book about a period which defined the future of a rock star’s glorious career.1

“Vom Außenseiter zum Boss. Als Bruce Springsteen sich seine Songs zurückholte” by Philipp Hacker-Walton focuses on an extremely difficult time for The Boss. Springsteen was seen as a rising star in showbiz, but deep inside he was sad, unsettled and worried. He felt that his career had reached a make or break moment. In this pivotal period, the iconic New Jersey hero was tangled up in a brutal legal battle with his manager.

Eventually Springsteen managed to break free. He found his match in Jon Landau and recorded “Darkness on the Edge of Town”, one of the best albums of all time. Hacker-Walton did some extensive research for “Vom Außenseiter zum Boss. Als Bruce Springsteen sich seine Songs zurückholte”.

The book does not just describe the years around the release of “Born to Run” (1975) and “Darkness on the Edge of Town” three years later, it also features some lovely anecdotes about visiting an Elvis Presley concert and Springsteen’s odd dinner routine.

“Vom Außenseiter zum Boss. Als Bruce Springsteen sich seine Songs zurückholte” is out now by Braumüller. The publishing house recently also released “Venedig abseits der Pfade”, an unusual guide about the Adriatic city with magnetic effect on travellers from all over the world. Author Wolfgang Salomon ignores the well-trodden paths to reveal some of Venice’s secret beauty spots such as small squares, cemeteries and restaurants.

Theater in der Josefstadt actor Michael Dangl portrayed another wonderful seaside location. For “Grado abseits der Pfade”, Dangl especially concentrates on off-season experiences in small eateries and around the local port. He visisted Duino and Marano Lagunare – picturesque places which are not too far from Grado which is stuffed with tourists in summer but quiet and almost empty in any other season.

Vom Außenseiter zum Boss. Als Bruce Springsteen sich seine Songs zurückholte
By Philipp Hacker-Walton
Published by Braumüller (

Book look: athletics & alphabetisation

1The author of a string of top-selling novels has turned to a slightly different topic: trying himself in dozens of Olympic competitions. “Meine Olympiade. Ein Amateur, vier Jahre, 80 Disziplinen” describes Ilija Trojanow’s struggles in performing Taekwondo, rowing, badminton and various cross and field categories in the four-year gap between the Summer Olympics of London and Rio de Janeiro. Trojanow, who was born in Bulgarian capital Sofia in 1965 lives in Vienna today. “Meine Olympiade. Ein Amateur, vier Jahre, 80 Disziplinen” offers intense essays on physical strain but also sophisticated philosophy. Asked by weekly newspaper Die Zeit about his intentions, Trojanow explained he wanted to find out the dimension of professional athletes’ achievements. He added: “It was also some kind of contrast to the marathon procedure of writing my novel ‘Macht und Widerstand’.” A theatre version based on the acclaimed book and directed by Dusan David Parizek premiered at Schauspielhaus Hannover. The audience was ecstatic, according to a report by NDR.

Meine Olympiade. Ein Amateur, vier Jahre, 80 Disziplinen
By Ilija Trojanow
Published by S. Fischer (

A publishing house focusing on books 2for teachers and students has released a collection of pictures and texts aimed at alphabetisation lesson participants. “Alpha plus Bild- und Wortkarten. Deutsch als Zweitsprache” consists of nicely illustrated cards and matching vocabulary. Its topic range is wide, starting at health and nature before offering family, office and clothing pictures. Andrea Mackensen and Anita Grunwald created this 110-page publication which will especially be useful for teachers who like preparing games and group activities. “Alpha plus Bild- und Wortkarten. Deutsch als Zweitsprache” is part of Cornelsen’s rich education literature offer featuring course books, short stories and many other releases for language-learning activities.

Alpha plus Bild- und Wortkarten. Deutsch als Zweitsprache
By Anita Grunwald & Andrea Mackensen
Published by Cornelsen (

Book look: Venice & France

There has always been something magical about Venice. The beautiful city’s long history of trade is as fascinating as its touristic hotspots which cause millions of overnight 1stays year after year. Now a spectacular photo book offers a comprehensive portrait of the Adriatic princess. German journalist Elke Heidenreich has composed a marvellous mixture of outstanding images and brilliant essays by renowned authors like Helge Timmerberg, Peter Kammerer; Mark Twain and Rachel Armstrong. The publication is part of a series by Corso which also features releases dedicated to Paris, London, Rome and Vienna. The release about the federal capital of Vienna includes essays about recreation area Donauinsel and the trendy Naschmarkt quarter. Journalist Verena Mayer and bestselling author Thomas Glavinic (“Das größere Wunder”) contributed articles for “Wien, Küss die Hand, Moderne”.

Venedig, Geliebte des Auges
By Elke Heidenreich
Published by Corso (

Two authors have named more than 100 reasons why you got to love France. Evi Seibert and Daniela Kahl wrote “111 Gründe, Frankreich zu lieben”. Their 250-page book 2informs about the country’s spectacular landscapes, its best wines and culinary delicacies but also offers travelling advices – from riding the TGV to taking a taxi. An own chapter is dedicated to the beauty of Paris while another one focuses on various language aspects. “111 Gründe, Frankreich zu lieben” is part of a series of declarations of love featuring books about the Brazilian national football team “111 Gründe, die Selecao Brasileira zu lieben” by Angela Römelt, tennis and German soccer side VfB Stuttgart (“111 Gründe, den VfB Stuttgart zu lieben” by Klaus Schlütter).

111 Gründe, Frankreich zu lieben
By Daniela Kahls & Evi Seibert
Published by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf (

Book look: Steinmeier & the Stones

1A leading politician has published a passionate appeal to believe in the strength of Europe. A lot has been said about the weakness and slow pace of the European Union, especially concerning the financial crisis and migration. Populists seem to benefit from established politicians’ mistakes all over the continent. Now the German foreign minister has expressed confidence concerning the EU’s positive aspects. In “Europa ist die Lösung”, Frank-Walter Steinmeier debates the question whether the European Union should be transformed into the United States of Europe. The SPD man – who is set to become Germany’s next president – warns from disastrous losses would the EU collapse. Steinmeier’s essay refers to a memorable speech by late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill at Zurich University in September 1946.

Europa ist die Lösung
By Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Published by Ecowin / Benevento,

An award-winning actor has teamed up with an experienced scriptwriter to look back on their childhood. “Sissi, Stones and Sonnenkönig. Geschichten unserer Jugend” is a wild ride through the 2ultra-conservative Austria between the 1950s and 1970s and shows how people slowly accepted cultural developments towards a more open-minded society. Movie star Erwin Steinhauer (“Single Bells”, “Polt muss weinen”, “Das finstere Tal”) and author Fritz Schindlecker (“Jakob Mustafa”) grew up in Vienna and Lower Austria. In their book, now out by Residenz Verlag, the friends reflect on initial contacts with pop culture – from US troops’ chewing gum comics to the Beatles. Steinhauer, who was born in 1951, and Schindlecker (*1953) write about school pranks, TV series that shaped their youth, the enormous influence of Catholic authorities and adventures abroad. This amusing reflection on a sometimes grey, sometimes colourful past follows “Prinz Eugen. Heros und Neurose”, a Residenz Verlag release by Konrad Kramar and Georg Mayrhofer about Prince Eugene of Savoy, the legendary army commander and lover of art and architecture. Prince Eugene ordered the creation of the Belvedere – a pompous palace in Vienna-Landstraße where exhibitions are located today. He died 1736. In “Prinz Eugen. Heros und Neurose”, Kramar and Mayrhofer attempt to check rumours, myths and claims concerning his fascinating personality and life.

Sissi, Stones and Sonnenkönig. Geschichten unserer Jugend
By Erwin Steinhauer and Fritz Schindlecker
Published by Residenz Verlag (

Book look: football tradition & French tutoring

21000 football clubs in just one book. A new publication delivers an absolute soccer delicacy. “1000 Fußballklubs” by Jean Damien Lesay and translator Sonja Kerkhoffs considers teams all around the world as the sport gets people together everywhere on this planet. The book does not only inform about the greatest teams in Europe. It also introduces smaller clubs based in Asia and Africa. Every region in the world has been considered. “1000 Fußballklubs” features basic information, essential facts and superb photographs. The book is not the only football-themed publication by Edel. The company recently also released “Den muss er machen” by Axel Raack. The author does not just list hilarious quotes and phrases used by players, commentators and fans all the time. He also presents various goal celebration ideas popular across the globe and many fun facts.

1000 Fußballklubs
By Jean Damien Lesay
Published by Edel (

1A publishing house specialised on teaching material and books for language lessons has presented a guide to perfect French. It is a long way for students to use French appropriately in conversations and written form. The grammar must not be underestimated as it is rather complex compared to English and Italian. Especially when it comes to practising French on advanced level, there are some tricky issues and whole gangs of false friends. “Troubleshooter Französisch. Typische Fehler vermeiden” has been written by Sigrid Maurel and Agnes Roubille for Hueber, a Munich-based publishing company. On more than 230 pages, the book helps you through the difficult parts of French grammar with lots of games and varied exercises.

Troubleshooter Französisch. Typische Fehler vermeiden
By Agnes Roubille & Sigrid Maurel
Published by Hueber (

Book look: Ancelotti on fans, food and footy

Carlo Ancelotti has accepted an enormous challenge. He did not hesitate when Bayern Munich boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge rang to ask whether he could imagine taking over as coach when it became clear that Pep Guardiola would leave. The former Real Madrid manager is expected to keep Bayern’s high level and snatch as many trophies as possible. Who is the man who had so much success in Italy, England and Spain?

His autobiography is out now in German, translated by Elisabeth Liebl. Ancelotti presents himself as a kind-hearted person who loves working with others, having success in soccer and, especially: eating. The former AC Milan midfielder spends several paragraphs on describing outstanding dinner experiences with family and friends – and David Beckham. He also does not shy away from revealing locker room pranks and hotel room jokes. Ancelotti does not try to disguise his satisfaction with winning the Champions League with Milan against his former club Juventus in Manchester in 2003 considering the rejection and insults of Juve supporters.

In “Carlo Ancelotti. Die Autobiografie”, the ex-Paris St. German boss admits regretting not signing Roberto Baggio when he had the chance – and he dedicates a whole chapter to Milan icon Kaka. The book also contains facts football fans will love: details concerning his contract as Juventus manager after sneaking away from Fenerbahce chiefs’ flattery.

Ancelotti describes how he found his own policies and strategy as coach following an assignment as assistant manager of Gli Azzurri coached by Arrigo Sacchi. Ancelotti writes about Sacchi’s obsessions and his passion for details – aspects which drove the laid-back lover of good cuisine crazy. The autobiography features Ancelotti’s thoughts on Italy’s performance in the 1994 World Cup and funny little stories about meeting Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich in Geneva and Paris.

Carlo Ancelotti. Die Autobiografie
By Carlo Ancelotti & Alessandro Alciato
Published by Piper (

Book look: Escher & Ebadi

1Tobias Escher is one of the most renowned experts on soccer tactics. He runs a popular blog called “Spielverlagerung” and has contributed articles for various newspapers and magazines. Now Escher has written a book on strategy developments in German football. “Vom Libero zur Doppelsechs. Eine Taktikgeschichte des deutschen Fußballs” analyses changes in tactics throughout the decades until today. Escher investigates Sepp Herberger’s approach before writing about Helmut Schön and the glorious 1970s. Escher does not just concentrate on the big triumphs of this period – Bayern Munich, Borussia Mönchengladbach and the national team were almost unbeatable at that time – he also explains the decisive steps to glory. Further on, the author introduces the systems of Deutschland boss Joachim Löw and former Borussia Dortmund coach Jürgen Klopp.

Vom Libero zur Doppelsechs. Eine Taktikgeschichte des deutschen Fußballs
By Tobias Escher
Published by rororo (

The latest book by Shirin Ebadi is now out translated into German. Ursula Pesch has been in charge of the translation of “Until We Are Free. My Fight for Human Rights in Iran”, 2Ebadi’s 300-page account of her experiences in Iran and in her exile abroad where safety concerns keep worrying her. The human rights activist received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003. Ebadi has been fighting for women’s rights and the rights of people imprisoned for political reason for many years. “Bis wir frei sind. Mein Kampf für Menschenrechte im Iran” describes presidential election manipulations and other illicit occurrences in Iran. “Bis wir frei sind. Mein Kampf für Menschenrechte im Iran” is a Piper publication. The German company recently also released “Der Junge muss an die frische Luft. Meine Kindheit und ich” by Hape Kerkeling. As he turned 50, the popular entertainter looked back on growing up. Kerkeling previsouly topped the book charts with “Ich bin dann mal weg. Meine Reise auf dem Jakobsweb” which sold around five million times. “Mein Gott, Walther. Das Leben ist oft Plan B” by actor and singer Mike Krüger is another current Piper release. The showbiz legend’s autobiography informs not just about his biggest hits and blockbusters but also includes blunt confessions concerning commercial flops and blunders.

Bis wir frei sind. Mein Kampf für Menschenrechte im Iran
By Shirin Ebadi
Published by Piper (

Book look: Stuttgart & Hamburg

One of the most respected experts on VfB Stuttgart has created a compelling declaration of love. “111 Gründe, den VfB Stuttgart zu lieben” by sports journalist Klaus Schlütter reveals astonishing information regarding Giovane Elber, Jürgen Klinsmann, Matthias Sammer and other club legends. However, Schlütter – who worked for Bild between 1965 and 2006 before opting for freelance activities – also discloses facts which might be new to many soccer fanatics. Stuttgart won five league titles and snatched the DFB Cup four times. However, the team are struggling in league two this season. “111 Gründe, den VfB Stuttgart zu lieben” will certainly make fans of the club happy as the book documents the VfB’s runner-up performances in European competitions (1989 against Napoli, 1998 vs. Chelsea) and the achievements of the Magic Triangle Elber / Fredi Bobic / Krassimir Balakow – and it also features fun facts (das Tragische Dreieck).

111 Gründe, den VfB Stuttgart zu lieben
By Klaus Schlütter
Published by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf (

A Viennese publishing company has expanded its Unnützes Wissen series to Germany. Holzbaum now presents “Unnützes Hamburg Wissen”, a pocket-sized collection of fun facts about the northern German city. The authors Tim Kempers and Katrin Hauck have collected astonishing information about the city’s monuments, attractions and celebrities. Those facts are anything but useless! Readers find out more about the origin of the terms “Moin!” and “Tschüss!” and when to use them. The book focuses on Hamburg’s big football clubs, Hamburger SV and St. Pauli as well as on the 1962 flood. There are facts about the large Ohlsdorf cemetery and Hamburg City Hall. “Unnützes Hamburg Wissen” follows publications about Vienna and other cities. It is an amusing and informative way to spend a few free minutes on the tube or before going to bed. The only annoying aspect is a certain lack of creativity when it comes to formulating the articles. There are some repetitive phrases such as “Nicht schlecht!” and “Na, wer hätte das gedacht?” as well as typing errors.

Unnützes Hamburg Wissen
By Katrin Hauk & Tim Kempers
Published by Holzbaum (

Book look: fun facts & fitness

Extraordinary life expectancy facts and surprising Ikea tax information, internet shopping data and some Udo Lindenberg trivia. “Neon unnützes Wissen 5” is another part of Heyne’s hilarious fun fact publication series. Jan Abele and Christoph Koch have collected astonishing information on different topics from all over the world to create a brilliant list of more than 1,300 bits and pieces. This book offers the perfect opportunity to relax and smile during a short break, on the bus and when there is just rubbish on telly tonight. Previously, Heyne released various other books featuring amusing anecdotes and fun facts, inclkuding two fantastic collections of footy facts and quotes by players and managers called “Ich sag nur ein Wort: Vielen Dank!” and “Eier, wir brauchen Eier”.

Neon unnützes Wissen 5
By Jan Abele & Christoph Koch
Published by Heyne (

A top fitness coach has created another training guide in a reaction to the massive success of a previous release. “No Excuses” has sold extremely well. Now Seyit Ali Shobeiri, who runs a fitness agency with headquarters in Hamburg, presents “No Excuses. The Next Level”. The 180-page workout programme includes different training programmes and advices concerning methods, depending on whether readers want to lose weight or increase muscle mass. The Facebook star also lists recipes for the ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner. The book written by Shobeiri in partnership with journalist Jennifer Strunk furthermore features shopping lists to ensure hobby athletes do without unhealthy products. Marco Grundt provided photographs for the book which is now out by Falken.

No Excuses. The Next Level
By Seyit Ali Shobeiri & Jennifer Strunk
Published by Falken (