Book look: fun facts & fitness

Extraordinary life expectancy facts and surprising Ikea tax information, internet shopping data and some Udo Lindenberg trivia. “Neon unnützes Wissen 5” is another part of Heyne’s hilarious fun fact publication series. Jan Abele and Christoph Koch have collected astonishing information on different topics from all over the world to create a brilliant list of more than 1,300 bits and pieces. This book offers the perfect opportunity to relax and smile during a short break, on the bus and when there is just rubbish on telly tonight. Previously, Heyne released various other books featuring amusing anecdotes and fun facts, inclkuding two fantastic collections of footy facts and quotes by players and managers called “Ich sag nur ein Wort: Vielen Dank!” and “Eier, wir brauchen Eier”.

Neon unnützes Wissen 5
By Jan Abele & Christoph Koch
Published by Heyne (

A top fitness coach has created another training guide in a reaction to the massive success of a previous release. “No Excuses” has sold extremely well. Now Seyit Ali Shobeiri, who runs a fitness agency with headquarters in Hamburg, presents “No Excuses. The Next Level”. The 180-page workout programme includes different training programmes and advices concerning methods, depending on whether readers want to lose weight or increase muscle mass. The Facebook star also lists recipes for the ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner. The book written by Shobeiri in partnership with journalist Jennifer Strunk furthermore features shopping lists to ensure hobby athletes do without unhealthy products. Marco Grundt provided photographs for the book which is now out by Falken.

No Excuses. The Next Level
By Seyit Ali Shobeiri & Jennifer Strunk
Published by Falken (

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