Book look: football tradition & French tutoring

21000 football clubs in just one book. A new publication delivers an absolute soccer delicacy. “1000 Fußballklubs” by Jean Damien Lesay and translator Sonja Kerkhoffs considers teams all around the world as the sport gets people together everywhere on this planet. The book does not only inform about the greatest teams in Europe. It also introduces smaller clubs based in Asia and Africa. Every region in the world has been considered. “1000 Fußballklubs” features basic information, essential facts and superb photographs. The book is not the only football-themed publication by Edel. The company recently also released “Den muss er machen” by Axel Raack. The author does not just list hilarious quotes and phrases used by players, commentators and fans all the time. He also presents various goal celebration ideas popular across the globe and many fun facts.

1000 Fußballklubs
By Jean Damien Lesay
Published by Edel (

1A publishing house specialised on teaching material and books for language lessons has presented a guide to perfect French. It is a long way for students to use French appropriately in conversations and written form. The grammar must not be underestimated as it is rather complex compared to English and Italian. Especially when it comes to practising French on advanced level, there are some tricky issues and whole gangs of false friends. “Troubleshooter Französisch. Typische Fehler vermeiden” has been written by Sigrid Maurel and Agnes Roubille for Hueber, a Munich-based publishing company. On more than 230 pages, the book helps you through the difficult parts of French grammar with lots of games and varied exercises.

Troubleshooter Französisch. Typische Fehler vermeiden
By Agnes Roubille & Sigrid Maurel
Published by Hueber (

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