Book look: Hamburg & Vienna

Braumüller is continuing its Abseits der Pfade series with a lovely book about Hamburg. The attractive city in northern Germany registers rising overnight stays but is also loved by its2 inhabitants. The author – who moved from Munich to Hamburg – takes us on a special tour through the centre but also other areas of the city. Cordula Natusch introduces great cycling routes, romantic locations and nice markets. “Hamburg abseits der Pfade” is part of the publishing house’s collection of extraordinary city portraits which also features releases about Grado, Venice and Vienna.

Hamburg abseits der Pfade
By Cordula Natusch
Published by Braumüller (

1A new book documents the dramatic developments in Vienna during the final months of World War Two. Historian Johannes Sachslehner and photographer Robert Bouchal reconstruct the military strategy of the Nazis and their enemies. The “Angriff auf Wien. Das Kriegsende 1945” also offers an authentic picture of the terrible effects of airstrikes and desperate defence measures on civilians. Sachslehner previously presented his books “365 Schicksalstage Österreichs”, “Der Henker. Leben und Taten des SS-Hauptsturmführers Amon Leopold Göth” and “Auf Schienen durch das alte Österreich”. Partnering up with Gabriele Lukacs, Bouchal created fascinating historical photo books like “Geheimnisvolle Unterwelt von Wien”. Another acclaimed Styria Premium release is “Die Dschihad-Generation” by journalist Petra Ramsauer. In her most recent book, the author of “Muslimbrüder. Ihre geheime Strategie – Ihr globales Netzwerk” investigates why hundreds of well-educated young Europeans joined the Islamic State to participate in the terror unit’s battle in Syria and Iraq. Ramsauer went to crisis regions like Libya and Syria many times to contribute articles for different news magazines and papers. “Die Dschihad-Generation” discloses astonishing information concerning the role of IS women and other specific aspects of 21st century terrorism.

Angriff auf Wien. Das Kriegsende 1945
By Robert Bouchal and Johannes Sachslehner
Published by Styria Premium (

Fair enough

Prestigious galleries will present their collections at a fair in Vienna this weekend.1

Art Vienna 2017 is set to take place in Vienna from 23 February to 26 February. Dozens of internationally renowned collectors and art dealers from Salzburg, Vienna and other cities are at the ready, including Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Kro Art Contemporary and Galerie Weihergut.

The renowned fair will be staged at the Leopold Museum, one of the Austria capital’s most popular museums. The museum is located at the Museumsquartier (MQ), an art and entertainment complex near shopping hotspot Mariahilfer Straße. The MQ also features the Kunsthalle Wien, the Museum for Modern Art (MUMOK) and several cafes and restaurants.

For additional information concerning Leopold Museum & Art Vienna opening hours and ticket prices, visit and

Book look: Schweizer & Schier

A renowned cultural scientist has created a comprehensive analysis of Islam. “Islam verstehen. 1Geschichte, Kultur und Politik” by Gerhard Schweizer informs about origins of the faith and developments concerning modern and progressive movements as well as ultra-conservative institutions. Schweizer examines the coexistence of Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, Lebanon and other countries. In a Süddeutsche Zeitung review, “Islam verstehen. Geschichte, Kultur und Politik” has been praised for avoiding simplifications and generalising prejudices. Schweizer also released a book about the history of Syria (“Syrien verstehen. Geschichte, Gesellschaft und Religion”) in which he explains political, cultural and sociological developments in the war-torn country.

Islam verstehen. Geschichte, Kultur und Politik
By Gerhard Schweizer
Published by Klett-Cotta (

2Absolute determination until the end and respect for the opponent – these are the characteristic elements of Horst Hrubesch. Alongside Kevin Keegan and coach Ernst Happel, the striker shaped an era at Hamburger SV. Now a journalist based in the northern German city has created a biography about this down to earth sportsman’s remarkable career. Andreas Schier documents Hrubesch’s rise to the top in European football of the 1970s and 1980s but also takes a closer look at personal elements – from family aspects to leisure time preferences such as motorcycling and fishing.

Horst Hrubesch. Die Biografie
By Andreas Schier
Published by Gütersloher Verlagshaus

Post-war perspectives

mumokInternationally renowned artists like Max Ernst and Heinrich Campendonk as well as Austrian legends such as Maria Lassnig and Arnulf Rainer – a Viennese gallery’s current exhibition features works of art of outstanding reputation.

“Wir Wegbereiter. Pioniere der Nachkriegsmoderne” documents the achievements of Werner Hofmann and Viktor Matejka, two important personalities of the domestic post-war art scene. Their efforts resulted in one of the country’s most impressive collections of modern art.

Now the MUMOK, the Viennese Museum for Modern Art (, presents paintings which are normally not on display. Photographs and letters are also featured to make aware of activities in the Austrian art scene after the Second World War.

Book look: Christianity & Chorherr’s memoirs

1A celebrated author focusing on migration and society issues has written a book about Christianity. “Ungläubiges Staunen. Über das Christentum” by Navid Kermani is out now by C.H. Beck. The Cologne-based author of articles for Der Spiegel and several books (“Einbruch der Wirklichkeit. Auf dem Flüchtlingstreck durch Europa”, “Ausnahmezustand. Reisen in eine beunruhigte Welt”) focuses on the perception of beauty, death, love and art in Christianity. He analyses how things have developed throughout the centuries and what this all means for the 21st century. “Einbruch der Wirklichkeit. Auf dem Flüchtlingstreck durch Europa” features articles by Kermani written as he travelled across Southeast Europe in 2015 to document the journey of refugees from Syria and Iraq to Central Europe. The 90-page publication includes photographs by Moises Saman. “Ausnahmezustand. Reisen in eine beunruhigte Welt” consists of Kermani’s conversations with refugees in camps and impoverished areas in Iran, Iraq and the Kashmir region.

Ungläubiges Staunen. Über das Christentum
By Navid Kermani
Published by C.H. Beck (

One of Austria’s most respected editors has reflected on personal and professional aspects of an extraordinary career. “Dabei gewesen. Erinnerungen” is the title of Thomas 2Chorherr’s biography. On more than 200 pages, the Vienna-based writer reflects on his first steps into the business to how he experienced decisive developments in Austria and in the world – from the 1955 State Treaty to the riots in 1968 and the fall of the Iron Curtain. The former Die Presse head’s book also includes precise observations of changes in society and media. Among other books, the father of Greens politician Christoph Chorherr previously wrote “Österreich: Hinter den Kulissen der Politik” in which he focused on his point of view on decision-making procedures in Austrian politics from close range. The book by Chorherr – who was in charge as Die Presse editor in chief for nearly two decades – features encounters with late Austrian President Thomas Klestil and ex-ÖVP Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel. “Dabei gewesen. Erinnerungen” follows “Die Stadt, in der ich lebe. ORF-Korrespondenten erzählen”, a richly illustrated collection of city portraits created by 14 foreign correspondents of Austrian broadcasting corporation ORF including Jörg Winter who is based in Istanbul after several years in Beijing and Brussels reporter Cornelia Primosch.

Dabei gewesen. Erinnerungen
By Thomas Chorherr
Published by Kremayr & Scheriau (

Flowers & photographs

The lesser known early work and the most famous works of art by an influential American painter are now on display in Austria.1

The Bank Austria (BA) Kunstforum Vienna currently presents paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe, the feminist icon of 20th century art in the US. Over the decades, O’Keeffe created artworks of different genres – first and foremost large nature canvases such as “Jimson Weed / White Flower No. 1”, the most expensive paintings by a female artist at that time and still a masterful work of art. It is on display in Vienna. However, O’Keeffe’s oeuvre also includes much more – as seen at the BA Kunstforum.

The exhibition – which has been organised in association with the Tate Modern and the Art Gallery of Ontario – does not just consist of paintings. Curators also considered photographs taken by Alfred Stieglitz and others. These images get you closer to the personal cosmos of the celebrated artist who fell in love with the desert of New Mexico.

The BA Kunstforum once more confirmed its reputation as location for outstanding art as the O’Keeffe exhibition is an inescapable experience. Previously, the museum hosted exhibits dedicated to Martin Kippenberger, Hubert Schmalix and Frida Kahlo.