Book look: Brücke & Beever

1The Brücke was one of the most important groups of artists during the beginning of the 20th century. The creative connection between Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Karl Schmidt-Rotluff is still considered as immensely influential. Emil Nolde, an iconic representative of German expressionism was also part of the Brücke, but just for one and a half years. The group was established in 1905 in Dresden. During the following eight years, the painters organised 25 exhibitions which were on display at 75 different locations. Kirchner and his companions spent a lot of time in the remote town of Dangast to find inspiration. “… die Welt in diesen rauschenden Farben” is the perfect opportunity to discover the artistic universe of the Brücke painters. The book edited by Rainer Stamm and Magdalena M. Moeller features several informative articles and essays and, of course, fantastic paintings as well as postcards and exhibit programme leaflets designed by the artists.

… die Welt in diesen rauschenden Farben
By Magdalena M. Moeller and Rainer Stamm
Published by Hirmer (

Falling down a staircase or being locked up in a dungeon – Julian Beever’s paintings can cause discomfort. However, the artist’s creations can also make you smile as Beever2 also painted political cartoons and depictions of funny situations. For many years, the artist travels around the world to create three-dimensional sidewalk sensations. Rain and bureaucracy are his biggest enemies, Beever explains in “Street Art. Dreidimensionale Kreidekunstwerke von Julian Beever”. The book – now out by Terra Magica – includes his best pavement masterpieces: from Montreal to Belfast and Times Square in New York City.

Street Art. Dreidimensionale Kreidekunstwerke von Julian Beever
By Julian Beever and Ursula Bischoff
Published by Terra Magica (

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