Book look: Cuba & Austria

A German magazine’s Latin America correspondent has teamed up with a top snapper to create a fantastic book about Cuba. Jens Glüsing has reported from Rio de Janeiro for Der Spiegel for many years. Now he wrote some essays full of insight and expert knowledge about Cuba and its people. Michael Pasdzior – who has worked for GEO, Vogue and other respected publications in the past – contributes the photos. “Kuba. Von der Revolution der Armen, Havanna und Chevrolets, Amis und Zuckerrohr” offers differentiated perspectives on a country hoping for a bright future following the improvement of relations with the United States. Barack Obama’s visit to the island in 2016 was the first trip of an American president to Cuba in almost 90 years. With Donald Trump rampaging in the Oval Office, it has to be seen how strong economic and political bounds will remain. The book by Glüsing and Pasdzior underlines the strong contrast dominating daily life in Cuba where residents are tangled up between nostalgia and the need for basic food supply. “Kuba. Von der Revolution der Armen, Havanna und Chevrolets, Amis und Zuckerrohr” follows “Jerusalem. Menschen und Geschichten einer wundersamen Stadt”, an intense portrait of the city in Israel by popular German actress Iris Berben and photographer Tom Krausz. Corso also published a book about Venice. “Venedig, Geliebte des Auges” features essays, poems and short stories about the picturesque Italian city selected by journalist and author Elke Heidenreich.

Kuba. Von der Revolution der Armen, Havanna und Chevrolets, Amis und Zuckerrohr
By Jens Glüsing & Michael Pasdzior
Published by Corso (

Prejudices towards fellow Austrians from other provinces, favourite drinks and the positive and negative aspects of consulting a private practitioner. “Österreich in leiwanden Grafiken” is a hilarious collection of pie diagrams based on clichés, stereotypes and jokes about Austrians’ preferences and traditions. It informs about car brands, holidays in Wachau and living in Austria with newborns and as a pensioner. This Holzbaum publication follows “Unnützes WienWissen” and “Unnützes WienWissen 2”, a two-volume release listing fun facts about the federal capital of Austria – from composers who worked here to astonishing information regarding monuments and tourist attractions. “Schimpfen wie ein echter Wiener”, meanwhile, provides you with a decent stock of Viennese dialect swearwords.

Österreich in leiwanden Grafiken
By Clemens Ettenauer & Katja Ettenauer
Published by Holzbaum (

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