Book look: Berlin & Bremen

Famous locations and popular touristic attractions are not the only ingredients of a new book about a hyped district of the German capital. “Berlin-Mitte. Porträt eines Bezirks” by Berlin-based author and journalist Bettina Schuler also helps discovering hidden beauty spots in a city which seems capable of offering surprises day by day. Schuler interviewed Peer Kusmagk about his Berlin experiences. The television and radio presenter, who grew up in the city, speaks about typical elements of the city’s vibe and reveals which drink characterises Berlin best. Kusmagk also admits what made him take part in the German version of “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” (Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!) six years ago. Elsewhere, Schuler portrays actor Edgar Harter and the Distel, a tradition-rich theatre venue. Other chapters of “Berlin-Mitte. Porträt eines Bezirks” focus on the Berlin Wall, Pariser Platz – and Hotel Adlon Kempinski’s Austrian chief bartender.

Berlin-Mitte. Porträt eines Bezirks
By Bettina Schuler
Published by Gmeiner (

A Viennese publishing company has released a pocket-sized guide featuring copious information about a northern German city. On 130 pages, “Unnützes Bremen Wissen” informs about Nobel Prize laureates, residents’ love for cycling and everything you need to know about local football team Werder Bremen. Furthermore, the Holzbaum publication includes comprehensive facts and figures concerning migration to the United States, culinary specialities and Bremen’s monuments. Previously Holzbaum presented a Hamburg guide (“Unnützes Hamburg Wissen” by Tim Kempers & Katrin Hauk) as well as “Kaffee in Wien” and “Frühstück & Brunch in Wien”.

Unnützes Bremen Wissen
Published by Holzbaum (

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