Book look: Neukirchner & New York

Thinking of Wembley, every football enthusiast will mention 1966 immediately. The question whether England did score or not has been investigated scientifically. Did the ball cross the line, were the squad captained by Bobby Moore a worthy champion? A new book looks beyond the surface of the memorable World Cup final. Manuel Neukirchner, the founding director of the German Football Museum (Deutsches Fußballmuseum) Dortmund and co-author of “Mehr als ein Spiel. Das Buch zum Deutschen Fußballmuseum” founding director has searched photo archives to create a comprehensive collection of images taken before, during and after the clash between the host team and Helmut Schön’s Germany. “Wembley 1966. Der Mythos in Momentaufnahmen” features exciting action shots such as a collision between keeper Hans Tilkowski and Three Lions legend Geoffrey Hurst. Another image taken by one of the 30 photographers who received accreditations for the pitch shows Lothar Emmerich seeking water bucket refreshment. His teammates were massaged quickly before extra time while the referees just sat down for a few minutes. The 1966 match was the first World Cup final live broadcast. Around 400 million soccer fans were glued to the screens. “Wembley 1966. Der Mythos in Momentaufnahmen” offers match statistics, short biographical texts about the German national team featuring Horst-Dieter Höttges, Wolfgang Weber and  – first and foremost – intimate photographic insights.

Wembley 1966. Der Mythos in Momentaufnahmen
By Manuel Neukirchner
Published by Klartext (

Daniel Libeskind, Al Pacino and, of course, Woody Allen. A Italian author and scriptwriter has managed to get a star-studded cast of New Yorkers to share their most intimate urban sentiments for a superb photo book. Alessandra Mattanza interviewed 20 celebs for “Zu Hause in New York. 20 Prominente zeigen ihre Stadt” to find out what the American supercity means to them and which locations they love the most. Robert de Niro – who starred in several movies filmed here – explains: “This is my home. It’s a physical thing, a feeling of being part of it.” The renowned actor took the lead role in “Taxi Driver” in 1976 before starring in “Goodfellas” (1990), a crime movie about mafia mobsters in Brooklyn. Pop heroine Taylor Swift moved to New York three years ago. She says: “New York is different than any other place in the world. It feels as if the city has its own heartbeat. Fashion, art, people – everything you come across here is inspiring.”

Zu Hause in New York. 20 Prominente zeigen ihre Stadt
By Alessandra Mattanza
Published by National Geographic (

Book look: Titanic satire & train trip stress

The team of Titanic are experts on causing upset. For decades, the satirists angered politicians and conservative intellectuals. Now three important members of the paper’s editorial team have collected their best pranks for a new book. “Titanic Boygroup Greatest Hits. 20 Jahre Krawall für Deutschland” by Thomas Gsella, Martin Sonneborn and Oliver Maria Schmitt features fake Twitter accounts, hilarious interview attempts and various European Parliament stunts as Sonneborn managed to become a Member of the European Parliament after campaigning for his Die Partei at the most recent EP election. “Titanic Boygroup Greatest Hits. 20 Jahre Krawall für Deutschland” is now out by Rowohlt. The publishing house recently also presented “Acht deutsche Sommer”, a fine selection of short stories by top three top authors. The book includes texts by “Tokyo Tango. Ein japanisches Abenteuer” author Uwe Schmitt, Wolfgang Büscher (“Berlin – Moskau. Eine Reise zu Fuß”) and Die Welt journalist Christine Kensche. “Der aufblasbare Kaiser” is another acclaimed Rowohlt release. Austrian author Michael Ziegelwagner previously caused a stir with his witty book “Cafe Anschluss” about the difficult relationship of Austrians and Germans. “Der aufblasbare Kaiser” is Ziegelwagner’s first novel.

Titanic Boygroup Greatest Hits. 20 Jahre Krawall für Deutschland
By Oliver Maria Schmitt, Thomas Gsella & Martin Sonneborn
Published by Rowohlt (

Piper’s Gebrauchsanweisung series is increasingly popular as readers can rely on its brilliant mixture of straightforward travelling tips and insider knowledge concerning inhabitants, traditions and local culture. Previously, authors have written about Finland, Australia, Washington, D.C. and numerous other countries, regions and cities for the publishing house’s Gebrauchsanweisung edition. Now the author of top-selling books such as “Ist der Herd wirklich aus? Irrwitzige Geschichten aus dem wahren Leben” has taken a closer look at Germany’s railway network. In “Gebrauchsanweisung für die Deutsche Bahn”, Mark Spörrle writes about delays, differences between travelling in summer and winter and controversial customer care policies considering Deutsche Bahn’s bonus programmes and VIP area-like lounges. Spörrle, who loves travelling by train despite the various negative aspects passengers are confronted with every day, also examines different strategies regarding getting along with annoying fellow travellers. He investigates DB’s ticket prices and difficulties posed to those who want to take their bicycle on the train.

Gebrauchsanweisung für die Deutsche Bahn
By Mark Spörrle
Published by Piper (

Book look: Leiris & La Fleur

Antoine Leiris’ wife was killed in the Bataclan shooting on 13th November 2015. Three days later, the freelance journalist decided to write an open letter to the assassins on Facebook. His posting “Vous n’aurez pas ma haine” has been read hundreds of thousands of times. Now the young Parisian released a book of the same name. “Meinen Hass bekommt ihr nicht” describes how he tries to continue living his life without his wife Helene. Leiris describes weird situations on the street as people started recognising him thanks to some new kind of fame because of his Facebook posting and the book. He also writes about seeing the body of his wife at the forensic medicine institute and his attempts to tell his son Melvil what happened.

Meinen Hass bekommt ihr nicht
By Antoine Leiris
Published by Blanvalet (

There are more and more brilliant cartoonists and caricaturists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, providing newspapers and publishing houses with great works. Jean La Fleur is one of them. The artist, who focuses on black and white drawings, works for magazines like Titanic and newspapers such as TAZ. Vienna’s Holzbaum Verlag has just released a 50-page pocket-sized collection of cartoons by the satirist. Find out more about the useful features of a baton and discover prostitutes’ negotiating tactics when being approached by an intellectual!

Wie kommt der Parmesan in die Tastatur?
By Jean La Fleur
Published by Holzbaum (

The Klewan kaleidoscope

Significant 20th century artworks are now on display at the Belvedere Vienna.

Helmut Klewan has never shied away from taking risks in his role as gallery boss. Born in 1943, the Austrian managed galleries in Vienna and Munich. He created an outstanding collection of post-war art by domestic and European painters including Christian Ludwig Attersee, Maria Lassnig, Pablo Picasso and Alberta Giacometti – whose sculptures, paintings and drawings are the most gripping part of “Sammlung Klewan. Portrait(s) der Moderne” (The Klewan Collection. Portrait(s) of Modernism). Throughout the decades, Klewan showed scant regard for self-proclaimed experts’ taste and focused on artists far off the mainstream – an attitude which helped creating a sensational private collection.

For more information concerning the exhibition which is located at the Lower Belvedere’s Orangerie, visit the museum’s official website at

Book look: Leidenfrost & the Lions

From a Bulgarian region shattered by the controversial policies of an Austrian energy company to a Bosnian village inhabited by fundamental Muslims. An Austrian columnist has travelled Europe to portray the continent and its people in an uncompromisingly innovate way. “Expedition Europa. Fünfzig exzessive Selbstvesuche” by Martin Leidenfrost features essays of just three and a half pages each. Articles by the author (“Die Welt hinter Wien. Fünfzig Expeditionen”, “Brüssel zartherb. Fünfzig europäische Expeditionen”) who is based in rural Slovakia have been published by various newspapers such as Germany’s Neues Deutschland and Viennese daily Die Presse.

Expedition Europa. Fünfzig exzessive Selbstvesuche
By Martin Leidenfrost
Published by Picus (

The Bundesliga championship 1966 is the biggest triumph in the history of 1860 Munich. Throughout the decades, the club’s achievements such as performing in the UEFA Cup have been overshadowed by the brilliance of local rivals Bayern. Now three experts on the smaller Munich team have created a book packed with photos and statistics. “Der Triumph der Löwen. Die Meisterschaft 1966 des TSV München von 1860” is a comprehensive portrait of the Lions’ magnificent 1965/1966 season. Roman Beer, Arnold Lemke and Claus Melchior illustrated their book with numerous fantastic black and white photographs. The Verlag Die Werkstatt release also includes match statistics, old tickets and information concerning every 1860 squad member. Furthermore, the authors interviewed 1860 stars Peter Grosser, Hens Rebele and Alfred Heiß about the impact of controversial coach Max Merkel, salaries in the old days and decisive moments of the 1966 season.

Der Triumph der Löwen. Die Meisterschaft 1966 des TSV München von 1860
By Roman Beer, Claus Melchior & Arnold Lemke
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (