Book look: Leidenfrost & the Lions

From a Bulgarian region shattered by the controversial policies of an Austrian energy company to a Bosnian village inhabited by fundamental Muslims. An Austrian columnist has travelled Europe to portray the continent and its people in an uncompromisingly innovate way. “Expedition Europa. Fünfzig exzessive Selbstvesuche” by Martin Leidenfrost features essays of just three and a half pages each. Articles by the author (“Die Welt hinter Wien. Fünfzig Expeditionen”, “Brüssel zartherb. Fünfzig europäische Expeditionen”) who is based in rural Slovakia have been published by various newspapers such as Germany’s Neues Deutschland and Viennese daily Die Presse.

Expedition Europa. Fünfzig exzessive Selbstvesuche
By Martin Leidenfrost
Published by Picus (

The Bundesliga championship 1966 is the biggest triumph in the history of 1860 Munich. Throughout the decades, the club’s achievements such as performing in the UEFA Cup have been overshadowed by the brilliance of local rivals Bayern. Now three experts on the smaller Munich team have created a book packed with photos and statistics. “Der Triumph der Löwen. Die Meisterschaft 1966 des TSV München von 1860” is a comprehensive portrait of the Lions’ magnificent 1965/1966 season. Roman Beer, Arnold Lemke and Claus Melchior illustrated their book with numerous fantastic black and white photographs. The Verlag Die Werkstatt release also includes match statistics, old tickets and information concerning every 1860 squad member. Furthermore, the authors interviewed 1860 stars Peter Grosser, Hens Rebele and Alfred Heiß about the impact of controversial coach Max Merkel, salaries in the old days and decisive moments of the 1966 season.

Der Triumph der Löwen. Die Meisterschaft 1966 des TSV München von 1860
By Roman Beer, Claus Melchior & Arnold Lemke
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (

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