Book look: Hamburg & Hesse

The Rolling Stones, Uwe Seeler and the Prince of Wales – a new book captures memorable moments in the recent history of Hamburg. The Rolling Stones performed at Ernst Merck Halle in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans in 1965. Seven years later, Hamburger SV legend Uwe Seeler called it a day. “Das Hamburg Album. Eine Bilderreise durch die Hansestadt. 1960-1990” features a photo taken at the Stones press conference and an image showing Seeler performing at Volksparkstadion. Furthermore, this new 160-page publication documents the first performance of the Beatles in Hamburg. The band shot to fame shortly after their gig at the Kaiserkeller. The photographic journey back in time continues with images of the devastating flood in February 1962, the 1968 Easter riots and a visit of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Authors Babette Schröder and Simone Glöckler contributed several informative articles while many of the photographs were taken by Günter Zint and Baernd Fraatz.

Das Hamburg Album. Eine Bilderreise durch die Hansestadt. 1960-1990
By Babette Schröder & Simone Glöckler
Published by Emons (

A German author takes us on a journey back in time referring to memorable statements by politicians, writers and scientists. Helge Hesse has chosen 85 quotes for his new book now out by Piper. The author of top-selling publications like “Mit Platon und Marilyn im Zug. Was uns die Begegnungen berühmter Persönlichkeiten über die großen Fragen des Lebens verraten” and “Barbarossa, Botticelli und die Beatles. Das Who is who der Welt- und Kulturgeschichte” provides lots of background information on the personalities and their time – from Heraclitus to Benjamin Franklin, Neil Armstrong and Angela Merkel. He analyses the notoriety of the quotes and investigates their impact on political and sociological developments.

Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders. In 85 Sätze durch die Weltgeschichte
By Helge Hesse
Published by Piper (

Revitalised Ried promise Bundesliga thriller

Austrian football fans are getting ready for an exciting final round of the federal football league.

On the final day of the season, St. Pölten and SV Ried will do anything it takes to avoid defeat. Both teams still got the chance to stay in the Bundesliga after Ried sensationally beat Altach away from home on Thursday. The Vorarlberg-based club reacted by breaking ties with coach Martin Scherb. The former St. Pölten manager took the position just half a year ago.

Rapid bosses meanwhile extended the contract of caretaker manager Goran Djuricin. The Green-Whites performed poorly on Thursday but managed nevertheless to snatch three points in Mattersburg.

Rapid have fallen from great heights. Champions in 2005 and 2008 and a string of impressive Europa League performances, dullness and a lack of creativity are the defining characteristics of the team’s game today while supporters deplore the yawning gap between Rapid and FK Austria. The city rivals were unable to challenge Red Bull Salzburg this season but created a 17 point-advantage – a fact that weighs heavily on the minds of Rapid’s staunch following. Rapid face St. Pölten tomorrow while SV Ried are up against Mattersburg. Kickoff of all 36rd round matches is at 4.30pm.

The Austrian Bundesliga after 35 of 36 rounds:

Red Bull Salzburg, 78 points
FK Austria, 60
SK Sturm Graz, 60
Altach, 53
Admira Wacker, 46
SK Rapid, 43
SV Mattersburg, 40
Wolfsberger AC, 39
SKN St. Pölten, 37
SV Ried, 35

Book look: Renöckl & Redelings

Vienna has established itself as vibrant multicultural city in the centre of the continent where exciting events and excellent art provide limitless possibilities for inhabitants and visitors. Having registered an uptick in population especially in recent years, Vienna has become increasingly popular especially among students and tourists. Now a book tries to offer more than conventional travel guides. Georg Renöckl, who lives in the Austrian capital after having spent some years in Paris and Strasbourg, documents his discoveries in seven of the city’s 23 districts in “Wien abseits der Pfade, Band 2”. The author took a walk through Favoriten where he discovered an old-fashioned amusement park, a picturesque park near a spa and an indoor swimming pool which turns out to be an architectural jewel. Among other districts, Renöckl also discovered hidden beauty spots in Meidling and Penzing. His book comes a few years after Wolfgang Salomon’s Band 1 featuring stories about a Viennese Fiaker horse carriage business and the Gänsehäufel. Salomon also portrayed Venice and Trieste for Braumüller’s series while Theater in der Josefstadt actor Michael Dangl created a fascinating Grado panorama.

Wien abseits der Pfade, Band 2
By Georg Renöckl
Published by Braumüller (

Ben Redelings has expanded his spectrum. The football comedian has released various books featuring funny statements and photos of Bundesliga heroes. Now the successful author presents a collection of quotes by international soccer stars. “Fragen Sie doch mal Ihre Frau” includes memorable statements by former Manchester United striker Eric Cantona, Elftal legend Johan Cruyff and many others. The book is a Verlag Die Werkstatt release. The publishing house is also in charge of “Fußball unterm Hakenkreuz in der ‘Ostmark’”, a scientific analysis of football competitions during Austria’s Nazi Third Reich era. Alexander Juraske, Matthias Marschik contributed articles for this impressive 350-page release which is based on extensive research into the matter. Another interesting sports book by Verlag Die Werkstatt is “Sotschi 2014. Die Olympischen Winterspiele” by Detlef Vetten and Ulrich Kühne-Hellmessen. The authors review the 22nd Olympic Winter Games in many short articles and some longer essays. Their book is packed with spectacular sports action photographs. It also features a comprehensive statistics section.

Fragen Sie doch mal Ihre Frau
By Ben Redelings
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (

Book look: Syria & Cuba

Syria has been in the headlines for years as the vicious war in the country continues. But how has it come to this, and is there a link between the current conflicts in the region and political decisions in the 19th and 20th century? Gerhard Schweizer has taken a look at culture, society and the importance of faith in Syria. His book “Syrien verstehen. Geschichte, Gesellschaft und Religion” features comprehensive information concerning economic change and sociological developments throughout the decades. In his 500-page book, the Stuttgart-born expert on the Arabic region examines the role of the Baath Party and investigates women’s rights. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has praised this publication for offering new perspectives on the country free from clichés.

Syrien verstehen. Geschichte, Gesellschaft und Religion
By Gerhard Schweizer
Published by Klett-Cotta (

Cuba is the subject of a new book published by Piper as part of the publishing house’s popular Gebrauchsanweisung series. Jürgen Schaefer is a true expert on the socialist country, its people, culture and economy since he worked as a correspondent for several years. His book tells from Cuba’s history and day to day struggles of inhabitants in the 21st century. Schaefer introduces Cuban literature and the island’s breathtaking nature. He also searches for the spirit of the revolution and tries to find out if any of the famous Cuban clichés are true. “Gebrauchsanweisung für Kuba” comes as the state of relations with the United States is highly uncertain following the election of President Donald Trump. Cuban restaurant managers and hotel bosses hoped for thriving business after his predecessor Barack Obama finally eased trade restrictions as the US embargo caused enormous damage to the trade.

Gebrauchsanweisung für Kuba
By Jürgen Schaefer
Published by Piper (

Book look: Lindenberg & literature

Udo Lindenberg’s career has taken many unexpected turns. The German rocker shot to early fame before stumbling over when his life was dominated by a demon called alcohol. But the award-winning singer came back to be stronger than ever. Now Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre has written a book about Lindenberg. “Udo Fröhliche! Das Lindenberg-Lexikon von Alkohol bis Zigarette” is more than just another voluminous music encyclopaedia dedicated to a chart-topping entertainer. The author of bestsellers like “Soloalbum” (1998) and “Panikherz” (2016) created a fascinating but also slightly confusing puzzle. “Udo Fröhliche! Das Lindenberg-Lexikon von Alkohol bis Zigarette” examines all relevant topics – from money and sports to sunglasses and style. Having taken a ludicrously anarchic approach concerning the layout, the 220-page book – which includes hundreds of photographs – comes as some kind of challenge. However, Udo fans and his numerous lookalikes will love it. The uncrowned king of German rock left a short introductory message about himself: “Seems to be quite an interesting bloke.”

Udo Fröhliche! Das Lindenberg-Lexikon von Alkohol bis Zigarette
By Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre
Published by Axel Springer SE (

Holzbaum Verlag has released cartoon collections about football, cats, dogs and many other topics. Now – ‘last but not liest’ – the publishing house presents a selection of literature-themed caricatures. “Literarische Cartoons” features drawings by Leonard Riegel, Katharina Greve, Henning Christiansen and many other renowned Central European cartoon artists. Their illustrations disclose conversations between a novelist and his wife and portray the romance between a hardcover book and a paperback edition. Furthermore, “Literarische Cartoons” presents the literary canine: “Böll! Böll! Böll!”

Literarische Cartoons
By Clemens Ettenauer and Johanna Bergmayr
Published by Holzbaum (

Struggling Rapid face confident Sturm

Rapid are fighting for the support of their fans following a series of underwhelming performances.

As a horrific season – as far as the perspective of every supporter of the Green-Whites is regarded – comes to an end, Rapid face Sturm Graz tomorrow (Sunday, 4.30pm) who play a strong season. The team of Franco Foda cruised to an impressive 2-1 victory in Altach last Sunday. Earlier this week, Sturm bosses confirmed reports that midfielder Sascha Horvath decided to join Dynamo Dresden.

It all started so well for Rapid last summer by beating Chelsea in a friendly which was also the opening event of the club’s new home ground, the Allianz Stadium.

Now the tradition-rich club – which is expected to present a new coach by the end of May – is positioned just slightly better than taillights SV Ried. Rapid were beaten 0-1 away from home by champions Red Bull Salzburg last Saturday. Support for the team seems solid nevertheless. According to the Kurier, 22,500 tickets have been sold already.



The Austrian Bundesliga after 33 of 36 rounds:

Red Bull Salzburg, 72 points
FK Austria, 60
SK Sturm Graz, 57
Altach, 53
Admira Wacker, 46
SK Rapid, 37
SV Mattersburg, 37
SKN St. Pölten, 35
Wolfsberger AC, 35
SV Ried, 31