Book look: Lindenberg & literature

Udo Lindenberg’s career has taken many unexpected turns. The German rocker shot to early fame before stumbling over when his life was dominated by a demon called alcohol. But the award-winning singer came back to be stronger than ever. Now Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre has written a book about Lindenberg. “Udo Fröhliche! Das Lindenberg-Lexikon von Alkohol bis Zigarette” is more than just another voluminous music encyclopaedia dedicated to a chart-topping entertainer. The author of bestsellers like “Soloalbum” (1998) and “Panikherz” (2016) created a fascinating but also slightly confusing puzzle. “Udo Fröhliche! Das Lindenberg-Lexikon von Alkohol bis Zigarette” examines all relevant topics – from money and sports to sunglasses and style. Having taken a ludicrously anarchic approach concerning the layout, the 220-page book – which includes hundreds of photographs – comes as some kind of challenge. However, Udo fans and his numerous lookalikes will love it. The uncrowned king of German rock left a short introductory message about himself: “Seems to be quite an interesting bloke.”

Udo Fröhliche! Das Lindenberg-Lexikon von Alkohol bis Zigarette
By Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre
Published by Axel Springer SE (

Holzbaum Verlag has released cartoon collections about football, cats, dogs and many other topics. Now – ‘last but not liest’ – the publishing house presents a selection of literature-themed caricatures. “Literarische Cartoons” features drawings by Leonard Riegel, Katharina Greve, Henning Christiansen and many other renowned Central European cartoon artists. Their illustrations disclose conversations between a novelist and his wife and portray the romance between a hardcover book and a paperback edition. Furthermore, “Literarische Cartoons” presents the literary canine: “Böll! Böll! Böll!”

Literarische Cartoons
By Clemens Ettenauer and Johanna Bergmayr
Published by Holzbaum (

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