Book look: England & America

A German publishing house has released an updated version on Britain as some fear that the country’s lawmaking establishment has lost control of political and sociological developments. Great Britain is confronted with terror attacks on home soil and an increasing number of economic experts voice concerns regarding the Brexit. Thomas Kielinger has worked as London correspondent for German daily Die Welt for several years. “Kleine Geschichte Großbritanniens” is anything but a dull history lecture. The journalist and author of a brilliant biography of Queen Elizabeth managed to create a riveting read packed with vivid portraits of significant personalities in the history of England from Oliver Cromwell and John Locke to Winston Churchill and Margret Thatcher. He describes the myth of the free-born Englishman and early political procedures, important documents and landmark battles. Kielinger’s book includes astonishing facts regarding the perception of Britain Karl Marx and Frederic Engels had but also examines controversies of today. Why have anti-Europe sentiments always been so dominant among Britons? Almost each chapter contains information concerning the special relationship between the United Kingdom and Germany, and Kielinger tries to find out what fuels Brits’ extreme positions regarding immigration and the labour market.

Kleine Geschichte Großbritanniens
By Thomas Kielinger
Published by C.H. Beck (

From the spying activities of the NSA to the public debate concerning TTIP, the free trade agreement between Europe and the United States – there are many controversial issues regarding society and politics in the US. A German journalist has now published a book on the most urgent topics. Ingo Zamperoni’s selection of issues is predictable but his book is impeccably drafted and a sharp analysis. “Fremdes Land Amerika. Warum wir unser Verhältnis zu den USA neu bewerten müssen” examines the achievements of the Obama administration but also provides an outlook regarding the trade war between China and the United States. Zamperoni, who studied in Boston and worked as correspondent based in Washington, D.C. for federal German broadcaster ARD, portrays the immense gap between liberal minds in American politics and the Tea Party. The conservative movement shows scant regard for social measures introduced for the benefit of the majority such as Obamacare. “Fremdes Land Amerika. Warum wir unser Verhältnis zu den USA neu bewerten müssen” also analyses key subjects such as racism, the war on terror and immigration.

Fremdes Land Amerika. Warum wir unser Verhältnis zu den USA neu bewerten müssen
By Ingo Zamperoni
Published by Ullstein (

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