Book look: football & Franconia

From the beginnings around 1870 to the perfectly orchestrated entertainment of the 21st century – a new encyclopaedia documents the most significant developments in German football. “Das golden Buch des Deutschen Fußballs” By Hardy Grüne and Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling offers comprehensive information and fantastic photographs on nearly 500 pages. the authors portray the rise of the sport to Germans’ most popular passion around the first World Cup title in 1954 when people still felt a post-war humiliation. The journey in time continues when a massive match-fixing scandal enforced clubs to tighten their belts in the 1970s as fans suddenly abstained from attending Bundesliga matches as a consequence. After the third World Cup triumph in the 1990 tournament which took place in Italy, the Bundesliga saw enormous changes concerning marketing and media perception due to increased demand for live football on the telly by soccer-mad Germans. Broadcasters like premiere and Sat.1 quenched their thirst. Grüne (“Wenn Spieltag ist. Fußballfans in der Bundesliga”) and Schulze-Marmeling (“George Best. Der ungezähmte Fußballer”) – who previously released several football-themed books, many of them published by Verlag Die Werkstatt as well – deliver competent information concerning all of these occurrences.

Das goldene Buch des Deutschen Fußballs
By Hardy Grüne & Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (

Nuremberg is much more than a city which excels in retro tourism and cheesy souvenir marketing, according to a new book. Dorit Schatz has created a 45-chapter portrait of the charming city which is located in Franconia, one of the wealthiest regions in Germany. “Stadtgespräche aus Nürnberg” features stories about a German-Turkish Medical Society, two brothers’ tradition-rich but striving trade fair business and a former Bavarian prime minister’s home in a suburb. Schatz – a former Nürnberger Nachrichten journalist – underlines the creative potential among Nuremberg’s innovative and intransigent SMEs. “Stadtgespräche aus Nürnberg” is part of a series of city portraits which also includes releases about Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg and Vienna.

Stadtgespräche aus Nürnberg
By Dorit Schatz
Published by Gmeiner (

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