Schwarz & Schäfer

European leaders are still at loggerheads concerning the relocation of refugees arriving in Greece and Italy as the war in Syria rages on. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of young Africans leave their homelands to seek a brighter future in Europe. In his latest book “Die neue Völkerwanderung nach Europa. Über den Verlust politischer Kontrolle und moralischer Gewissheiten”, Hans-Peter Schwarz analyses the failures of European policies – from problems concerning German leadership among the EU member nations to the inadequate Schengen border regulations and current migration laws. Born in 1934, Schwarz is one of Germany’s most respected historians and the author of several remarkable biographies, including books about legendary editor Axel Springer and late German chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Die neue Völkerwanderung nach Europa
By Hans-Peter Schwarz
Published by DVA (

Austrian youth were hit by the global spirit of revolutionary fervour almost a decade later. However, 1966 is the year when it all started. Appalled by conservatism in politics, war and breaches of human rights, students took to the streets across the globe to express their frustration. Debates derailed quickly and riots rattled elitist leaders in the United States and Western Europe. Frank Schäfer’s book “1966. Das Jahr, in dem die Welt ihr Bewusstsein erweiterte” is an intense trip back in time when rebellious musicians such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix shot to eternal fame. Charts in Germany, Britain and overseas may have still been dominated by mainstream crooners like Chris Andrews, Freddy Quinn and Roy Black – as listings at the beginning of every chapter of the book show – but things escalated within months: at universities, on the streets and on the radio.

1966. Das Jahr, in dem die Welt ihr Bewusstsein erweiterte
By Frank Schäfer
Published by Residenz Verlag (

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