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A renowned personal coach has created a workout book for everyone aiming at being in better shape. Mark Maslow, who has been writing a popular sports blog and creating a regular fitness podcast for some time, does not just offer various exercises but also recipes for a balanced diet. In his articles featured in the book, Maslow debunks various nutrition myths and informs about ingredients like fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Looking good naked
By Mark Maslow
Published by Südwest (

Football means passion to Jochen Raiß and Jochen Schmidt. The photo agency manager and the author (“Gebrauchsanweisung für Ostdeutschland”) have now published a book which celebrates the good old days. Raiß started collecting images from private archives around 25 years ago. For “Ballverliebt”, the hobby footballer selected photos which are much older. The black and white images show intense action on muddy pitches in front of just a few spectators, a soccer team of women and an injured player being carried away. Schmidt contributed essays about nostalgic memories and changes concerning football as part of our culture throughout the decades as the sport becomes increasingly dominated by the big clubs’ marketing efforts in a globalised world.

By Jochen Raiß & Jochen Schmidt
Published by Edel (

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