Prejudices & the president

Reasonable debates concerning migration, sociological changes and economic developments are often ravaged by prejudices, fake news and unfounded accusations. “Gegen Vorurteile. Wie du dich mit guten Argumenten gegen dumme Behauptungen wehrst” can function as a guide and compass in difficult situations. Nina Horaczek and Sebastian Wiese provide statistics and facts regarding migration, xenophobia, EU regulations, youth violence and other controversial topics. Horaczek has released several books. She works for Viennese weekly Falter. Wiese is a lawyer and lecturer who looks back on a string of juridical publications.

Gegen Vorurteile
By Nina Horaczek & Sebastian Wiese
Published by Czernin (

John F. Kennedy was at the helm for just two and a half years but the myth JFK is unbroken. In his 100-page book on the 35th US president, Peter de Thier investigates Kennedy’s difficult youth dominated by his father’s harsh authority and the pressure to succeed in an ambitious family among eight siblings. Despite various physical complications, Kennedy became a World War Two hero before snatching a spot among the country’s political elite. The author describes Kennedy’s rise, writes about alleged election fraud and the president’s numerous affairs. His death in Dallas on the 22nd of November 1963 sent shockwaves all over the planet but there is still a vivid debate about his legacy. Did Kennedy manage to match the high expectations heaved onto him or was his short period in power just a glimpse of hope ahead of the gloomy Cold War era? Peter de Thier’s book not comprehensive enough to dive deeper but it offers a great opportunity to discover the legend.

John F. Kennedy
By Peter de Thier
Published by Reclam (

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