Wolfsberg wary as Rapid race for Bundesliga trophy ends early

Two clubs who had a poor start into the season finally want to lay the groundwork for a bright future as they meet in the league on Saturday.

Wolfsberger AC lost three in eight matches. The Carinthian team – a low-budget Bundesliga competitor coached by former national team ace Heimo Pfeifenberger – recently achieved a goalless draw against super-confident promoted club LASK. Now they are determined to challenge Rapid in Vienna on Saturday (kickoff: 4pm).

However, WAC must prepare for a tough fight against a pressurised team who failed to match high expectations so far this season. Rapid director Fredy Bickel warned his team in an interview. “We got to stop feel sorry for ourselves. This is insane,” the Swiss club executive fumed.

Rapid (pictured: Joelinton, Stefan Schwab and Louis Schaub at half time against Salzburg) want to quiet their critics by beating Viennese amateur team ASK Elektra in the Austrian Cup tonight before crushing WAC three days later. Wolfsberger AC beat FV Gleisdorf 2-1 away from home last night (Tues).

Rapid’s most recent matches ended 2-2 against Red Bull Salzburg and Altach. Lucas Galvao – who joined Rapid from Altach only a few weeks ago – found the net in extra time against his former club. One week earlier, Salzburg’s Munas Dabbur spectacularly scored in the 92nd minute against Rapid.

The Bundesliga after eight of 36 rounds:

SK Sturm, 18 points
Red Bull Salzburg, 17
FK Austria, 14
LASK, 12
Admira, 12
Altach, 11
WAC, 11
SK Rapid, 10
Mattersburg, 5
St. Pölten, 1

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Bulls determined despite draw

FC Red Bull Salzburg coach Marco Rose has expressed confidence ahead of his team’s Europa League clash with Vitoria Guimaraes.

The Bulls failed to continue its winning streak against SK Rapid on Sunday. The defending champions achieved a 2-2 draw as attendance reached just 12,300 at the Red Bull Arena. “We managed to equalise twice. This is the main positive aspect of this game,” Rose – whose team face the Portuguese club on Thursday – said.

Red Bull Salzburg striker Munas Dabbur spectacularly scored in the 92nd minute. His team failed to take advantage of an early red card as Rapid right-back Mario Pavelic was sent off in the 16th minute.

“We have shown our potential. The team can challenge top competitors,” Rapid manager Goran Djuricin said, stressing how happy he was about Philipp Schobesberger’s superb comeback. The midfielder, who had been sidelined for months, found the net in the 79th minute – just 12 minutes after he came on.

The Bundesliga after seven of 36 rounds:

SK Sturm, 18 points
Red Bull Salzburg, 14
LASK, 11
FK Austria, 11
WAC, 10
Altach, 10
SK Rapid, 9
Admira, 9
Mattersburg, 5
St. Pölten, 1

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Injury-stricken RBS ready for Rapid

Red Bull Salzburg have been hit by shattering injury news as the team face SK Rapid.

The defending champions are up against the Green-Whites from Vienna at 4.30 pm on Sunday on home soil in Salzburg as the Bundesliga returns following a two-match national team break. Now it emerged that Reinhold Yabo, Marin Pongracic and Mark Rzatkowski will all be sidelined due to various injuries. Especially rock solid midfielder Yabo will truly be missed by coach Marco Rose who is under pressure to create a competitive starting eleven against Rapid who are determined to improve their game after a poor start into the season.

Rapid manager Goran Djuricin must do without Christopher Dibon, Ivan Mocinic and Philipp Malicsek but is expected to nominate Veton Berisha. The 23-year-old striker – whose brother Valon has been one of RB Salzburg’s most significant players in the past few seasons – signed a three-year contract last week.

Meanwhile Andreas Ulmer has earned a special honour. The no-nonsense defender was named Footballer of the Year at the 21st Bruno Gala. Former RBS captain Jonathan Soriano received the trophy in 2015 and 2016 while ex-RBS star Kevin Kampl – who joined RB Leipzig from Bayer Leverkusen only a few weeks ago – won it in 2014.

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Asterix & America

All boxes are ticked as “Asterix erobert Rom” is another fantastic comic publication proving that Ehapa perpetuates the legacy of Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo, Walt Disney, Carl Barks and other legendary artists. However, things are slightly different this time around as its editors decided to break the pattern. “Asterix erobert Rom” (Les Douze Travaux d’Asterix, The Twelve Tasks of Asterix) is not structured as usual but features large drawings, with rather comprehensive texts attached to them. The artworks were the foundation for animators who created the movie of the same name in 1976. No matter how unenviable the position is Asterix and Obelix have gotten themselves into – fans can be assured that the dynamic duo are finding their way out. Even the legendary document A38 challenge was solved – and Austrian readers will chuckle considering various domestic red tape experiences they have made.

Asterix erobert Rom
By Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo & Thierry Mebarki
Published by Ehapa Comic Collection (www.ehapa-comic-collection.de)

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” These are the famous words of newly inaugurated President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Thanks to his audacious investment programme widely known as New Deal, the United States’ crippling economy got back on its feet. Today, the country is struggling to keep up with China’s low production costs while the political divide between the US and Europe is increasing since Donald Trump took office. “Amerika verstehen. Geschichte, Politik und Kultur der USA” is a marvellously composed analysis of the American Dream. Ronald D. Gerste, a historian based in Washington, D.C., describes the USA’s creation from the Mayflower myth to the first British colonies and various brutal conflicts on the American continent. The author – a regular contributor for Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Die Zeit – analyses the complex firearms issue and the nation’s determination to remain an economic superpower considering industrial factors and innovation. While Trump ratchets up his war of words with North Korea, Mexico and enemies in his own country, Gerste underlines America’s impressive assets but also immense challenges.

Amerika verstehen
By Ronald D. Gerste
Published by Klett-Cotta (www.klett-cotta.de)

Linz & Vienna

The 1920s and 1930s were an era of political instability in Austria. Having endured World War One, people were plagued by food scarcities and social upheavals while the conservative government of Engelbert Dollfuß aimed at erasing the country’s democratic framework. “Klick! Linzer Fotografie der Zwischenkriegszeit” grasps the atmosphere of the time. The 230-page photo book features images reflecting the enthusiasm of the audience at a motorcycle racing event. The book – which is based on the Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz collection consisting of 60,000 documents – also features family portraits and images of animals and flowers resembling still lifes. Adolf Hitler’s triumphal procession through Linz on the 12th of March 1938 heralds the horrors of the Second World War.

Klick! Linzer Fotografie der Zwischenkriegszeit
By Andrea Bina, Brigitte Reutner & Birgit Kirchmayr
Published by Verlag Anton Pustet (www.pustet.at)

If you were not born here or have lived in the city for many years, you will never get it, but one thing is for sure: Viennese humour is worth discovering. “Wien in ur leiwanden Grafiken” attempts summoning up every facet of life in the capital – from discoveries that can be made at a certain shopping mall to foul-mouthed expressions learned by heart watching an infamous 1970s television series. This collection of pie charts and diagrams also features boozing preferences, U-Bahn ride survival guidelines and any kind of canine controversy. Holzbaum, the publishing agency in charge of “Wien in ur leiwanden Grafiken”, previously released a series called “Unnützes Wissen” on Vienna, Bremen and Hamburg as well as “Vegane Cartoons” and “Wien in leiwanden Grafiken”, this book’s predecessor.

Wien in ur leiwanden Grafiken
By Clemens Ettenauer & Katja Ettenauer
Published by Holzbaum (www.holzbaumverlag.at)

From model to role model

Female positions in art have always been highly contradicting. While just a handful of women earned recognition as artists, female portraits depicting faultless beauty were highly popular among aristocrats and the upper class.

“Frauenbilder. Vom Biedermeier bis zur frühen Moderne” (Female Images. From Biedermeier to early Modernism) is now on display at the Leopold Museum in Vienna. Consisting solely of paintings from the Leopold Collection, the exhibition demonstrates how women were regarded by artists and men in general for a long time: as gorgeous ladies showing off their jewellery – or caring mothers and hard-working peasants.

It took a long time for artists like Käthe Kollwitz and Marie Egner to find acclaim. Their paintings are on display alongside works of art by outstanding Austrian painters like Koloman Moser, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller and Anton Romako.

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