Denmark & Döbling

Denmark has been widely considered as a social state role model but there have been complex developments in recent years. Things are not as harmonic as they used to be. This essential aspect concerning the country has been examined by Thomas Borchert for his new book, proving that “Gebrauchsanweisung für Dänemark” is more than just an essayist travel guide. The Frankfurter Rundschau’s foreign correspondent has created a vivid portrait of the seaside state famous for its marvellous nature, several Nobel Prize laureates and controversial contemporary artists like filmmaker Lars von Triert. Borchert writes about culinary specialties, people’s perception of the Danish royal family and Copenhagen’s passion for cycling.

Gebrauchsanweisung für Dänemark
By Thomas Borchert
Published by Piper (

It has been a bit of a rocky road for First Vienna recently but the club is still alive. Drastic financial cuts had to be implemented in the past few months while the performance on the pitch was rather convincing. However, this was not always the case at First Vienna Football Club 1894, as a new book on the team sporting yellow and blue jerseys shows. “Blau-Gelb ist mein Herz. Die Geschichte des First Vienna Football Club 1894” by Alexander Juraske features carefully researched information on the club’s founding fathers, exciting match reports and various anecdotes on the team’s greatest players including Helmut Senekowitsch, Hans Buzek, and Karl Decker who scored an incredible 252 goals for the club. The author of the book is not just a football journalist and historian but also the grandson of Karl Juraske who was part of the team based in Vienna-Döbling between 1926 and 1928. On 250 pages, “Blau-Gelb ist mein Herz” holds everything a dyed in the wool Vienna supporter and everyone interested in the history of Austrian football can expect.

Blau-Gelb ist mein Herz
By Alexander Juraske
Published by Promedia (

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