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“Brot & Spiele. Cartoons & Karikaturen” is packed with hilarious sport-themed cartoons by popular artists especially from Germany and Austria. The Holzbaum publication features caricatures created by Markus Grolik from Munich and Teja Fischer whose artworks have been featured in Titanic, Stern and other magazines. Harm Bengen, Ari Plikat and Stephan Rürup are featured as well. This 100-page release is part of Holzbaum’s rich selection of entertainment literature. The Viennese publishing house previously presented “Vegane Cartoons”, “Wie kommt der Parmesan in die Tastatur?” and many other cartoon collections.

Brot & Spiele. Cartoons & Karikaturen
By Clemens Ettenauer and Matthias Hütter
Published by Holzbaum (

Batman, Iron Man, Fantastic Four – trademark superheroes are drawing the crowds at cinemas these days. But how did it all start? Dietmar Dath, a devoted comics fan, describes the first steps of pioneering authors at DC and Marvel but also portrays the American society and US media of their era. Furthermore, the author analyses genres such as science fiction, fantasy and supernatural horror. All of this occurs on just 100 pages as “Superhelden” is part of Reclam’s compact facts series. Unfortunately, the concept does not work out this time – unlike Reclam’s 100-page John F. Kennedy biography. Since Dath also considers sociological and philosophical aspects concerning comics, a meagre 100 pages are just not enough to create a reasonable overview on this fascinating art.

By Dietmar Dath
Published by Reclam (

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