Statistics & Stevens

Terror attacks, political instability and global warming. News are dropping like bombshells these days but a new book tries to convince us that things were not necessarily better in the old days. Guido Mingels’ “Früher war alles schlechter. Warum es uns trotz Kriegen, Krankheiten und Katastrophen immer besser geht” features dozens of graphics and charts as well as short informative texts regarding current developments that really matter. The author underlines that the number of people killed by malaria declined by 60 per cent between 2000 and 2016. The overall number of murders and war victims is decreasing as well while life expectancy rises steadily. Michael Walter and Lisa Rost created the diagrams for a book which should be ignored by those who seek the solace of nostalgia.

Früher war alles schlechter
By Guido Mingels
Published by DVA (

One of the most popular Bundesliga coaches of the past 25 years has presented his autobiography. Fans have admired Huub Stevens’ passionate approach to the game and his unapologetic attitude. His mentality – strict and autocratic, self-confident and passionate – has caused controversy at times while certain statements during interviews produced laughs and headlines. The Dutchman had moderate success in domestic football before becoming a hero at Schalke 04 by winning the UEFA Cup in 1997. Finishing the Bundesliga in second place after Bayern’s buzzer beater triumph was a traumatic turning point in his career which also included assignments at Hertha BSC, Hamburger SV and Red Bull Salzburg. In “Niemals aufgeben”, Stevens and co-author Bert Nederlof, a former Voetbal International editor in chief, do not just reflect on success and defeat on the pitch. The book also informs on personal aspects such as health issues and true friendship in the tough international football business.

Niemals aufgeben
By Huub Stevens & Bert Nederlof
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (

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