Fighting for a better world

Jean Ziegler is a master of spitting out headline-grabbing statements. For decades, the sociologist and former Swiss parliament member is campaigning for more fairness in this world. Human rights and food supply are still the most vital issues on Ziegler’s agenda.

Now the United Nations diplomat looks back on his battles, on enemies and allies, friends and partners. In “Der schmale Grat der Hoffnung. Meine gewonnenen und verlorenen Kämpfe und die, die wir gemeinsam gewinnen werden” (Chemins d’esperance. Ces combats gagnes, parfois perdus mais que nous remporterons ensemble), the 83-year-old expresses his frustration over UN-internal difficulties and tortuous negotiations with decision-makers all over the world but also points out at what has been achieved so far.

Ziegler still accuses the world’s leading food manufacturers for the disastrous living conditions of millions of people. In an interview with Austrian magazine profil, the controversial diplomat claimed: “The companies are the main culprits and we are their accomplices. We must stand up and force our governments to control the businesses.”

A few years ago, Ziegler deplored “mass destruction” in developing countries in his book “Destruction massive: Geopolitique de la faim” (Wir lassen sie verhungern. Die Massenvernichtung in der Dritten Welt). He told profil: “Stock market speculation with food and agricultural fuels must be prohibited.”

Der schmale Grat der Hoffnung
By Jean Ziegler
Published by C. Bertelsmann (

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