Winkler’s views

One of Germany’s most respected historians has warned from letting separatist movements become more powerful. Speaking on such groups’ popularity boost in various regions across Europe, Heinrich August Winkler said: “If these movements succeed it would mean the end of our vision of a united Europe.” In an interview with Südwest Presse, the 80-year-old retired university professor who lectured in Freiburg and Berlin argued: “These movements are preferably established in rather wealthy areas. They consider it a disgrace to support disadvantaged regions and call on the European Union to take responsibility. It would harm us all if we don’t speak up against their agenda.” A collection of articles and essays by Winkler which were published between 1990 and 2015 is out now. C.H. Beck presents “Zerreißproben. Deutschland, Europa und der Westen”, a 230-page selection of texts printed by Tagesspiegel, Die Zeit and other newspapers and magazines.

Zerreißproben. Deutschland, Europa und der Westen
By Heinrich August Winkler
Published by C.H. Beck (

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